Shadow work ritual

This is a shadow integration ritual I designed with vks chants. Several spirits added there own parts.

With this don’t be surprised if shadow people show up

This needs no material but they can be used if you wish

With the pronounceation just do it best you can don’t be lazy thouth.

There is no time restrictions you can preform it any time.

Be in a shadow when you do this

Ia Hel! Io Hela! Eko, Eko Hel!

I call forth the goddess of the damned whose decaying form sits enthroned within the kingdom of the underworld! Halja, Hela, Hel, I call you! Make your presence and power known in the efficacy of my rite and my communion with your emissary/emissaries! Permeate my arena of ritual with your glory as you construct my sacred space!

Superveni Halja Maximus Lar! Veni, Veni, Hel—Divinitas Et Creatrix!

Kalarala Porendaea Korsatala Karenjuthal (x11) Halja Kalathor (x9) Porzadaea Karendaea Soratala Morenzudal (x6) Ia Hel! Io Hela! Eko, Eko Hel

Liftrouch pandiam et germent hel (6x)

Sabasorga (SAW-buh-SOAR-guh)

Tratalaton, Interveni, Et Germinet Shagatala Advoco Shabator, Sempiterna Hera
Dabadlus, Tratalaton, Et Shabator Gloriae Concelebrate Zohal, Genitor Et Divinitus
Invoco Herus Zuhal Et Arcesso Chufdox

In Nominibus Kora, Shabator, Tratalaton, Dandulez, Et Domnus Zohal

Shagatala (x6) + Talatakor (x2 + Purath (x2) + Noratha (x7) + Kora

Avete Noratha Magnae Intelligentiae (x11)

Io Zharhin (x22)

Io Saturn (x 15)

Io nykarleth (x11)

Come great spirits of darkness and transform my shadow and intergrate it into me


Orbiazozoth (x2)

Drakosophia Liftoach saterial (15)

Drakosophia-Octinomos Liftoach saterial (13x)

Tranform my shadow and intergrate into me spirits of Saturn

May it be done and finished


You add this to increase even more the power of this rite if you do say it 9 or 2 times

Et Revertetur Ad Tenebras!
Melus De Quo Magma!
Salve Phenex Pater Kelippot!
Salvete Domine Qematriel, Basileus Gothiel, Et Rex Belial-Mortifer!
Salve Amaymon Pater Sitra Ahra!
In Nomine Domine Amprodias, Aperiatur Kliffoth!
Qalilitu Venire Et Germinet Xul!
Curiel Liftoach Qlipha Ha-Thaumiel!
Lilith, Eisheth, Agrat, Nahema!
Domine Raflifu, Agente Ex Qliphoth, Gloria! Veni!
Invoco Azza-Shemhazai, Venire Azael, Voco te Azazel Rex Thaumiel!
Voco te Luluwa– Invoco Qayin– Spirituum Inferni!
Agios Ischyros Amducious Rex Kliffot!
Porro Triumphator In Inferno Sunt!
Agios o Sitra Ahra– Drakosophia Gloria!


What’s your experience with this?

A freind and me have had very powerful experiences with it energized when we should be tired. A candle flaring up. And of course intergration of the shadow

Is this a vk jehannum ritual?

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Have you read “The Book of Sitra Achra: A Grimoire of the Dragons of the Other Side”; if not I guess you’ll like it.

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I designed it from his chants. And spirits recommended specific chants vibrating a specific amount of times and to include specific things in it like be in a shadow while you do it.

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I just did this. Got to say it was pretty intense. A lot of the time my voice would change
From being deep and demonic, to completely silent, and even more. Not that I’m done my nose is runny and I made a bunch of weird noises.

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Quick question, should I do this again tomorrow or does it only need to be done once?

as many times as your intuation says

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Alright. I typically do things with VKs chants for a month so I’ll do the same with this.