Shadow work question

So I made quite a bit of progress especially via mirror gazing on my shadow. Things were looking up and then things went somewhat down hill. My quarter life crisis is more intense which makes me depressed, I’m also noticing more things hold me back from my goals and more resentment comes up again though I can channel it. Is this normal in terms of shadow work or is it adverse? Also personality wise I feel nothing like a personality with zero traits XD. Did anyone else go through this on their SW journeys?

Thank you in advance.


Seems normal for me. There were tons of time I had the same resentments again and again till I could finally move on from them.


I would consider it as something that is to be expected. If we start to take a very close and conscious look into the so called “shadow aspect” of ourselves we’re being confronted with a lot of bottled up feelings, stored away/suppressed memories and we are often going through “past” emotions connected to certain stages in our life.

In my experience especially in the beginning of my own shadow work this aspect of myself was only able to talk to me through different shades of pain (which made me feel like shit, of course). Over time our communication changed into a healthier kind of “flow” (I don’t know how to describe it) and it lets me safely explore this past pain without crushing me underneath its weight.


Yes and yes.

I have had dreams spillover into daily life. Which means I have to confront it head on to put a stop to physical spillover.
Ive had a lot of insights today and yesterday. Dreams did spillover.

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For me it’s the opposite. In the beginning it was easy but now it’s more intense. Like even integrating my more evil self isn’t an issue but damn accepting the fact that I let opportunities fly by hurts like shit.

Though the shadow is just the hurt version of us in many ways

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