Shadow people grimiore

If anyone has read/used D.H. Thorne’s book on shadow people, I’d like to hear about your opinions or experiences with it.

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Working through it right now. Not everything makes it in this. Mostly, if it’s too personal or about a specific person other than myself, it doesn’t make it in there.

The first half of the book is basically about Thorne. There are some relevant parts, but for the most part, it’s not terribly useful for the second half, which contains the evocation information.

One thing to understand is that every person’s path through it will be different. You will see and experience things differently than I did/do. One thing that is going to be similar is that they will mess with you for the fun of it. Negative emotions are what they feed off of, after all.

Another is that this isn’t an evocation to full physical form and should be seen differently. They will come when they come. They will come as they come. I have forcefully pulled them from the portal before when they needed to answer for things, but that isn’t what the pathworking is about. It’s not about you dominating the Shadow People. It’s about learning from them and confronting your own. You are not going to get that with an overtly adversarial relationship. It’s more of a partnership where you must stand your ground.

The third is that if there is tension anywhere in your life, they may capitalize on it and use it. This may be to your benefit or may not. They are not here to be our friends. They’re here to feed and they see an opportunity to feed off of someone with power. This is done indirectly with the corrupted stone, but it is still done. The “food” you provide (negative energy and emotions into the corrupted stone) and the continuation of that"food" are your bargaining chips.

Finally, I would encourage you to do a few things before you really consider starting. The first is that you need to ask any guides or Deities you have a relationship with if this is in your best interest. The second is that I think you should make sure you’re okay with a lot of change, as they turn things upside down (mainly emotionally). The third is that this is a daily practice. The fourth is that you must be able to communicate with entities to get a lot out of this.

Hope it helps.

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I can’t say I have much of a goal. One night, I awoke to the feeling that I was not alone in my room. Actually I wouldn’t say I was awake. It was more like a sort of sleep walk. I saw, or felt a vague humanoid shape near my closet. Subconsciously I assumed it was my mother, who has sometimes crept into my room to get something or to wake me up to say something.

I responded by shouting “What!” Repeatedly. I then took a pillow and through it at the shape. Next I turn on a light, fully awake, and seeing nothing.

A few months ago, I’ve heard a male voice say “mow mow mow, he he he.” And a few nights ago, another said something that echoed to the point of being unintelligible. The voices sounded different and had different inflections. The first sounded like it was messing with me. The second sounded like it intended to tell me something. I also remember feeling like I was poked on my left shoulder blade.

I don’t think I’m in danger. But I’m very curious to know what’s going on. Plus, it’s really annoying to be watched like that.

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The most important thing to know, right?

DH has some videos up about the Shadow stuff on his page. There was also a conversation between him and EA about the book itself. I would encourage you to watch them, if you’re still curious.

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My family and I are on a long trip. I’ll watch them later tonight.

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I watch it. It was really good

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