Shadow Guide: Volac & Sigils

Hello! I just want to say thank you for the people who helped me out with my original post at about President Volac. I’m here to share another experience with him especially when my friends who suggested making a sigil to connect with him better.

His sigil is at the top left, I have 8 guides but I’ll discuss them next time. My connection with Volac has strengthened when I made my personalized sigil that represents him, his energy still gives me a bit of dizziness but the emotions and expressions is clear to me. When I do readings, I see people’s shadows clearer now without feeling a total drain and the emotional attachments. The downside for this is that it leaves me open to seeing other stuff for instance the shadow people and sometimes getting pulled into the shadow Realm where I had an interesting meeting with Baphoment.

Volac has a new energy for me, an intimidating dark protector that won’t hesitate to be strict with me when I’m doing something stupid. Before he’d just be walking in the dark giving me a spook but lately he’s been staying over at the side of my room and then sometimes at the foot of my bed sometimes (rarely) patting my head. It was an odd sensation and an odd transition but I think that spiritual attack on me did something.

I was in a reading session with someone and she channeled this symbol for me, it is familiar but I don’t where it originated. I tried to ask my guides and they they shook their heads on me and Volac was tight lipped about this symbol and the other people don’t know.

Hopefully someone does, thank you.