Shadow aspects in dreams?

Fuck, the last two nights, I’ve had very intense dreams. I signed my first pact and I sleep with Manaz rune (know thyself) and to a hypnosis which connects me with a totem and in the last two nights, I’ve had some intense dreams, the first one showed me a lot of mundane fears holding me back but last night’s one showed me one of my darkest sides and made me understand an aspect I’m trying to awaken. Is this a sign of my shadow and I becoming one?

may i ask who was the pact with, an Infernal?

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Two war Gods who I have a close relationship with.

would it be possible that the 1st dream was one concoted by 1 of the war gods as a way for you to battle through fears?

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Definitely. It showed me a lot of weaknesses and things I need to improve on.

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then theres your answer for dream number 1 i think, as for the second dream, i would say this

might be correct