Sexual sacrifice to male demon as female

If I want to give a spirit a sexual sacrifice just to show my love for it and have it helping out in my life unasked, but it is male. Is it ok to think of it as female? Do not want to insult a powerful demon. Was thinking of Hades and Baal. And what about Laam (more for creating the connection), so interesting.


well , they can appear however. if you let them choose however they want to appear, that’s what’ll happen. if you have an image in mind of how they will appear , then they can appear that way. it’s all in how you perceive them.

if you want to be sure , ask them. it doesn’t hurt. it’ll mean more coming from them anyways.


Thanks iitrista :slightly_smiling_face:

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While this is meant for a male demon, is it possible for a male to sacrifice himself sexually for a female demon as well?

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Absolutely, just visualize her the way you want, thinking it is her and go for it.
For me, I just wanted to sacrifice for these particular demons previously known only as males, but in female form.


Aphrodite has a male form so I won’t be surprised if the Demons you mentioned have female aspects. There should be no problem either.

While not similar to the infernal Pantheon, Vishnu has a female aspect and so does Shiva. So I doubt it would be disrespectful at all and if in doubt ask.

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Sounds highly interesting. I would have never guessed that they had male aspects.

The infernal pantheon having female aspects doesn’t surprise me one bit. People wouldn’t have come up with certain comic book character aspects if they didn’t.

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Doh! Answering my own question here. The answer is obviously in GoetiaGirls. Just visualize anyone you want as female with the intention that it is them. You can even visualize their sigil painted on them to further strengthen the connection. Or call upon them with name or enn.

What do you mean “sexual sacrifice”?

Spirits aren’t as concerned with gender as we are



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Ah. Not sure how that’s a sacrifice, thanks for the clear up!

You sacrifice your sexual energy. A sacrifice does not have to be physical.

Wouldn’t that be more of an offering than a sacrifice? It’s not like you’re giving something away that means alot to you, nore does it hurt to do it, so it’s not really a sacrifice.

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Hmm, interesting distinction. Hadn’t really reflected on it. Sure.
I am Swedish and in Swedish it is the same word.

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Actually, just sexual arousal is fine too.

Well, going off the definition from sacrifice doesn’t always have connotations to pain so you could use the words pretty interchangeably, but it does have the strongest connotations to something of or from life as an offering.

(here is the definition of offering for reference)

Didn’t say that.

This is what I’m referring to. You also said it doesn’t really mean much which is a pretty subjective claim considering how intense of an offering it can be for some people to give away.

I said a sacrifice either means giving something up that means a lot to you/is important for you, or it hurts you.
Didn’t say there must be pain involved.

A sacrifice is an offering, but an offering is not always a sacrifice.