Sexual psychic seduction and naamah experiences

Before i start talking about Sexual psychic seduction i would like to thank naamah for the bonuses she has given to me. ( Empowering my astral temples, bodies, catching my targets in their dreams etc).

Now Sexual psychic seduction is such a good book, it is talking about how to connect with your targets, i would like to hear your methods, and experiences.
İt allows you you to remote watching your target as well.

There is a method called stepping in. As a magicans we can also ask help too.( Demons etc)

The method says you need to go into alpha state and stand straight and think that your target is standing in front of you, imagine he is just standing a foot away, so you just visualize and step ahead and try to get into his conscious.
So you should focus on where he is, how does he feel etc the author says if you sense negative energies do not continue , anyways focus on your senses and try to get into a scenery , what do you want him to see, what do you want him to feel etc, you should create frame it is better to show same pictures instead of random thoughts .

İ am trying it over 2 days on someone i see 3 times a week. He is a good friend but he is afraid of marriage anyway.

İ wonder how will it effect him. İ know him for 3 years.

So lets share some methods