Sexual progress with my succubi companions

I wanted to open a topic so more people could see my message and my perhaps give me more insights/information.

I copied this from another thread: The "succubus" experience - Almost 5 years and counting - #54 by Kyl3Cutl3r

I had an interesting experience this morning.

I believe my relationship with my two succubi has become stronger and it’s strengthening over time. I thought that it would remain constant but it’s slowly increasing over time. It’s been 3 years now and it’s
getting more intense and more feelings involved. It’s
getting deeply emotional and I really like it!

I talk to them daily and I discuss my daily life and events with them. And I feel appreciation from them because they’re being recognized and acknowledged.

I meditate with them daily and I also do sexual meditation with them. I project intense sexual thoughts to them. Like I try to concentrate only on that and I send out the most dirtiest porn scenes to them and I feel that it excites them and it arouses them.

So they took the lead and started to stimulate me physically. At first, like a year ago, it was a very light feeling of sexual stimulation. And over time it has become more intense.

This morning I was meditating with them and they were stimulating my prostate and it felt like I was having sex. In my thoughts I was really going at it with my succubi companions and the more I concentrated on them the stronger the sexual stimulation became.

I know that they like to ride very intense orgasmic waves to the point of cumming but they won’t let you cum.’instead they try to ride it for as long as possible. It was very pleasurable and my body started trembling as I was approaching a real physical orgasm. I started breathing heavier and my heartbeat was racing and then all stimulation went away.

Like they were controlling my orgasm and they were thinking I was about to cum. Lol.

During the day when I think about sex with my succubi companions I instantly feel arousing sexual energy circulating in my groin area and especially in my dick and prostate. Even at work they try to seduce me and I have to hide my erection. I have a desk job and it feels like they are under the table giving me a blowjob or something

They are now able to physically stimulate me to the point of no return. But I have to really concentrate and work for it in order to let it happen.

Is this how you are supposed to have sex with succubi ? Or is this some sort of preparation stage ? Will it get more effortless?

Anyone with more sexual experiences with these beings, feel free to chime in!

I always thought that I had to go into a lucid dream or astral travel to be able to make love to them.

This experience was really intense and emotional. They really got me hard. Do I have to prepare for more intense experiences? Like is this only the beginning ?

I would really love to actually physically feel them and touching their body. Maybe that’s possible if I find a way to let them tap into my sexual energy as an energy source.

The funny thing is, I didn’t feel that my psychic abilities have improved or something. I don’t feel any progress consciously. Maybe this is a significant progress because I am able to project thoughts to them and they start to sexually stimulate me and they go on for hours and hours if I don’t stop and focus on something else.

I do daily kundalini yoga and meditation. I work on my 7 chakras so it should be a factor that helped me I guess.