Sexual problems

I usually have shame… I can only get an orgasm when I touch myself but not in coitus(maybe be anorgasmia). I will also try to see it medically because I have pain too. There are times when I am close and I get shy… I used to feel very embarrassed when I was naked or having sex, at least it is not like that anymore.
Is there any god or demon to help me with this? And if so, how do they help in those ambits? How could the petition be?
Could sexual magic be used? (I’ve never tried it and neither to have sex with spirits).
thnx <3


Hey sorry to hear about this I think this is a health problem first and foremost so I am thinking the demons Stolus, Aim.

For the sex issues specifically Zepar.

I wish you all the best overcoming this and you know what I don’t think it would hurt to see a doctor as well.


Here are the powers of Beleth

“To improve the intensity of sexual passion between lovers. To help you achieve full arousal and orgasm. To encourage a named individual to be aroused with sexual love for you. To cause a partner to desire more extreme or frequent sexual practice. To urge sexual attraction into a calmer and more genuine love.”

Source: DoM

Have fun


Hello, and yes, the first thing I will do is go to the doctor and take action, the magic is just to complement. Thank you for commenting the help and good wishes <3 light hug for you


Have you looked into calling out to Lilith to help work through some of the emotional aspects and get more comfortable with your sexuality?

I think you read my mind… I was just thinking about Lilith,I’ll keep it in mind thanks <3


A tip from a female friend, maybe a bit tmi
But “most” girls dont finish purely from penetration
Maybe a demon who deals with suggestivity or physical affection could make your partner a little more open to other things, might wanna give that a go


Similar situation for me. I have alot of self- image issues and hate seeing myself naked. When I was “active” with a partner, I always had to be covered somehow.

I don’t know if you’re a man or a woman but I had a similar issue. When I masturbated I was able to cum with no problems but whenever having sex with a woman I could go for hours without cumming. This may sound cool for some but it’s not. Women can’t have sex for too long without stopping (neither can men), eventually they get dry and it’s starts hurting.

Anyways, I was dating this girl and she noticed I had this problem in which I couldn’t cum. We didn’t make a big deal out of it, we just kept having sex and eventually I started cumming while pentreting her. My point with this story is that I was eventually able to cum because I got confident with her. I felt relaxed and started enjoying the fucking part without thinking if I was going to cum or not.

So you should do the same: focus on the act and not in the goal. Sex isn’t only about orgasms.


Hello, thank you for telling your anecdote, obviously influences trust especially if one is a little shy… in my case I’m a woman. I’m glad you fixed it! light-hug for you :black_heart:

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Meditating on my Sacral chakra has been very enlightening and has helped me understand the nature of my own sexual pleasure. I was only connecting to the actual feeling of sex in my body. Not at all understanding that connecting also to my Sacral chakra during sex heightens and increases the pleasurable feeling, making achieving orgasm much easier for me. So perhaps meditating on your sacral chakra can help. It may be out of balance.


^ Yea this is what I was gonna say , sacral chakra is connected to sexuality and pleasure , try drinking and connecting to water too , it relates to sexuality

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I came to think the same thing about the chakra… there are three chackras that are blocked sometimes.
I made a spell at night with Freya and Beleth and it has already given me a small but interesting result: I feel attractive.
In the afternoon I meditated and used cleaning and balance music, I feel more cheer and stronger in some way.
I will concentrate on the sacral chackra for healing, thank you all for your advice <3


hello, thank you for your advice! I did a ritual with freya and beleth (like I mentioned)… I’d like to know more about Beleth, could you tell me the name of the book or source?

If there is pain, go see a gynocologist. It could be endometriosis or something similar.

I used to not be able to orgasm from penetration alone. Many women have this problem. You can bring toys into the mix. Sometimes I use a vibrator for clitoral stimulation so that I can orgasm.

Talk with your partner on what you guys can do to make this happen for you. Maybe you guys can explore more of your sexuality – watch porn together, get a little kinky, do some role-playing.

If your partner isn’t willing to help you orgasm, get a new partner. It’s not worth it.

Magickally I’ll let the others on this forum help you because I don’t know enough about that topic to lend you any good advice.

Good luck!!!

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Hi, as for the medicinal stuff, I’m looking at that. And with my partner we usually look for different things to do, we have good communication about that. I understand that some women can’t have an penetration-orgasm for some people this is frustrating so we have to try other things…
In the magic I did an ritual ^^

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I’m glad that they are willing to help figure it out with you. That’s hard to find. I’m glad for you!

I wish you the best of luck! Youve got this :mage:

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If by chance you’re on any medications that work via serotonin pathways this is a likely culprit. As little as 20mg of a typical SSRI can turn a dude from a one pump chump to king bacon for the night. The vast majority of women I’ve met who just can’t get there are all on antidepressants.

It’s subtle but extremely powerful. The mechanism is your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems playing tug of war and the one that lets you go over the cliff gets repressed on these. Something to consider, might apply to you.

That said, a lot of women have trouble “letting go” and getting the nerve centers down there truly fired up takes some coaxing. Physiology might respond but the neurology just isn’t set for the traffic needed. Something like 15% of women can’t climax at all.

60% or so have issues with this same thing from what I’ve read. Much of it is often psychological, yet it might be your neurobiology just hasn’t figured out how to do it yet. The brain/nervous system has to “learn” what it finds arousing.

Cool thing is your body can rewire just about any part of your anatomy to be an erogenous zone with enough reinforcement. Eg. some women can orgasm through their nipples alone, very cool stuff

If you can get there during solo sessions the way you’d prefer then your body is set for it and it’s just a matter of letting go. Psychological thing.

I’m not a girl but I’ve worked a lot with sexual spirits and have had the pleasure of helping several with this issue first hand: complete immersion and surrender to the moment is usually key.

Hope this helps. Stats are widely available if a token “u gat any studiez…” account shows up asking to back up numbers. Ask Nancy Friday, it’s a thing

Oh, one thing I’ve found useful is the White Tiger Tantra DVD’s. Could probably find a download link somewhere. Guy who teaches it is a bit of an oddball but it does a lot in practice. Usually to a devastating degree …in the fun way. Good luck!

Demons of Magick, by Gordon Winterfield, it has a pretty useful guide at the end of it
The kindle version is well worth the 10$