Sexual mastery

Which goetic demon or other entity should I consult/ask for furthering my mastery of my sexual energy, in essence developing tantric mastery/non ejaculatory multiple orgasms? Thank you.

That’s not really a forte of the spirits of the Goetia. While those of the 72 that specialise in lust can certainly increase sexual energy, techniques of non ejaculatory multiple orgasms aren’t really their area of expertise.

In my opinion, you would be better served by working with the Hindu deities, from whose tradition tantric techniques actually originated, or even the 8 Taoist Immortals.

Another option would be Lilith ,whose tradition specialises in sexual magick.


Any that deals with love I’d say , they are highly intelligent beings , so offerings should carry you a long way . Or try The Archangel Anael.

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That’s an appropriately kinky name for an archangel of love, oh can I stop being blasphemous for a change? ahahahaha


Beside my corny jokes, your suggestion seems quite appropriate too, thank you!

There is that old thread of the sexual stapler egregore that might be helpful…

That was a weird time on BALG…

Didn’t you make that?

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That demon would be @fnordbender =o) practice practice practice of tantric methods. tons of books on instructions out there.


Indeed, you aren’t wrong…
What source would you recommend?

u have to find out that for yourself. I have no interest in it. do your research

Gold! I nearly spat my tea out :rofl:

True that , people need to do research sometimes and not ask foolish questions

Asmodeus is GOD


Of this domain

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Forums exist for exchange of information, among other things.
Doing one’s own research is fine and mandatory, asking questions is fine too. You sound like you’ve got a serious case of bias and general enmity there guys.

Forget demons in this area. Just get a partner . And practice. Let your partner keep teasing you without finishing off. That’s hands on training. =o) The question is can you handle the tease? lol

Sometimes you gotta learn to think and research for self. It’s a skill. Learning to be creative for solutions with one’s own thinking is better than relying on others / or forum members. Sometimes people seem to be lazy to keep asking silly stuff ( well, more like possible self answered) that can be self discovered that is more worthwhile. Better than being told answers. Just like the old master do. Let the student find the answer. =o)

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Mantak Chia’s books (one book is titled Multi-orgasmic male). Exactly what you need

While reading the book take Asmodeus help in making you pro in your practice. All the best.

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