Sexual Magic and Demonology

Along with the use of blood in rituals, sexual magic is another strong pillar of the Draconian Tradition, and both directions are still a controversial issue, since there is no totalitarian view on how and when to apply sex magic in a ritual. There is no single correct way to apply it, and it goes from abstinence to coercion, from self-erotic rituals, through paired rituals, group sexual magic, sadomasochistic rituals, without mentioning that they can be performed by heterosexual couples, homosexuals and bisexuals. Therefore, in order to fully understand the power of sexual magic, it is necessary to have an open mind and think that you may have to break with some personal taboos in order to be able to advance in this.
Often, those who actively work with the Klipot Tree are in the Gamaliel realm in the hands of Lilith and Samael, where we learn the secrets of both blood and sexual magic. These are our mentors and teachers who teach to elevate the spirit through rituals of pleasure. Both Lilith and Samael teach us to turn biological desire into metaphysical and lead us through the darkest labyrinths of the mind, where we must confront our most repressed and darkest desires, turning rejection and prohibition into something pleasant, but fundamentally, as a tool for our magical // spiritual evolution. It is worth noting that there are many cases in the Clipot where sexual magic is actively used not only in Gamaliel, but also in many tunnels where it serves as a gateway to gnosis. Much more advanced forms of sexual magic include sadomasochistic practices that originate from the hands of another Demon Ruler of another Clip, Asmodeus, who teaches pleasure from pain and the pain of pleasure.
Here, the initiate must overcome any moral situation in order to be able to advance, and must confront the complex and fundamental aspects for which he must be pre-prepared.

But let’s not go that far and look at the base and the basics. The universe we are in is essentially sexual, and this is reflected in man. Sex is one of the most primary human actions, which can be used in many different ways, from biological reproduction, pleasure and satisfaction, or as a powerful element in our magical practices. However, there are many things that we need to consider when using sex as a tool. These practices are not risk-free, and it is important to be careful and mature. Sexual magic can be used separately, through self-erotic rituals or in pairs, but if we choose the second option, these practices cannot be performed with any person, and it is very convenient to do them with people who already maintain emotional // sexual relations. The psycho-spiritual bonds that are created through these rituals are very intense, and there are many risks of suffering from obsession with another or even feeling energy depletion, not to mention the obvious risks of the diseases themselves, which should always be avoided through appropriate actions. This is even more so if we are talking about group sexual practices, where we must be even more careful, again, physically, but also spiritually. Group practices are very difficult because not everyone has the maturity for such work, not to mention that there are people who use them only as an excuse to satisfy their own desires and fantasies. Therefore, if you do not have much experience, I recommend starting with your sexual magic practices when you feel ready for it, first alone, and then continue if a magical companion appears during your life with whom it is possible to perform these works.

Sexual magic can be used in many ways, and as I said before, there is no linear, wrong way to use it. In the practical part of the book, you will find several exercises that will be useful to you. But part of what we use to perform them is to achieve trance through prolongation of orgasm or its deprivation, which is also used to sanctify and charge energy amulets, talismans, sigils, which can serve as an offering and as a battery for deities, manifesting themselves in our plane of reality (incarnation). They can also be useful to raise our inner serpent/dragon and achieve mystical states.
It all depends on experience and, as always, the more we move along the path, the more we experiment, the more new opportunities we can find.
Although sexual magic is very intense and its results are also very specific, it is important not to dwell on it. There are many Magicians who get lost, and every job they do has a sexual spice that makes them lose their mystery and meaning. Pleasure is not coercion, here you have to have a great balance and use sex correctly, as a mystical approach when it comes to mysticism, and as a natural and pleasant practice in carnal pleasures. Hence the importance of balance and separation of one from the other. If you can’t enjoy sex, and you can only bind it with magic, there’s something wrong with what you’re doing. This is a warning that should be taken into account. Sexual magic tends to make us experience unique pleasures and sensations, and this should serve us for our personal opportunities. Always keep this in mind when introducing yourself to these practices.

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