Sexual energy

Hey !
I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to give spirits sexual energy as an offering or if anyone wants to share how they do it . I use to offer the energy to them right before or while I was about to climax . Sorry this is a little weird for me but I was just wondering if there are better or more efficient ways to do it ? Any thoughts …?


Simply making an intention of offering the energy you generate is sufficient. It doesn’t have to be anything more complex than that. In sex magick, intention dictates and the energy follows.


Weird question lol sorry for putting this on your thread… but I don’t want to violate or make the spirit feel violated so am I able to masturbate to the form I imagined her in or for instance a picture of her and then giving her my sexual energy during the climax? If that makes sense I apologize for being all over the place

I think she would tell you if it bothered her. Simple thoughts can be forms of consent I have found.

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Can I ask how she would let me know? I’m still developing my astral senses but I can feel her definitely. It’s like a surge of heat. Would that be a good or bad sign?

You know you have a good connection when they touch you and stir up your sexual energy. What’s awesome is when they are “connecting” with you and you aren’t touching yourself or masturbating at all. I’ve taken light naps from screen tiredness only to awaken in a few minutes and being touched and then well, wantonly probed. And I’m getting to where I can hear a few choice works in near waking state. I usually wake up with tons of energy after such encounters so I’m guessing this goes both ways. I give a lot at times during rituals and I get back a lot more. Its like the spirit or both of us feed of the sexual en energy interaction even if it seems like the spirit is doing all the work. I’m usually a little too euphoric afterwards to bother with a divination. Many times a pulled or sore muscles is healed after this now. And they excite me when they interact. Maybe its a type of synergy??