Sexual energy to demoness

I was thinking about offerings to demons. On the forum i saw offerings as candles, food, insence
Or blood just little cut its easy.
But when it comes to sexual energy and give it to demon demoness.

How a person can offer own sexual energy without giveing sperm.

I mean a sexual energy by doing idk. Some kind of meditaton and by it the sexual energy may be freed and offered to demon demoness.

I think it is quite interesting the love magic, sexual magic.

So do you know any way to give the sexual energy and also i dont mean the masturbation and orgasm energy cuz its obvious.

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I don’t see any reason you couldn’t offer the energy raised up to but either not including or stopping prior to release.

The only real issues I can think of is on the off chance the entities not what you think it is or some like scenario where the offering becomes a feeding or a long term commitment rather than a singular or occasional offering.

If you make your intentions clear and your spiritual hygiene is good, imop you should be fine to make an offering like that.


I am sure that the demons i talk and work with are them not parasites
Cuz they have helped me and developed clearaudionce that i can hear them.