Sexual energy to deamons. Need suggestions :)

Hello everyone.
I was wondering, is it possible for a deamon to ask for my sexual energy in return or in general? If im a male and if the deamon is a “male” for example like Baal or Belial.

I know that this question may sound a little stupid or obvious in a way but i’m really curious to know.

Yes this is actually quite common for a demon to ask for or for a magician to offer, and even though you are straight and a “male” demon asks for your sexual energy in return they are neither/both genders in my opinion.

In principle, it’s definitely possible, and gender has nothing to do with it. Be careful, though, because some entities (parasites) pose as others and will gladly take some of your sexual energy.

General advice: Make sure you give it to the real thing, and btw, a spirit like Belial, Lucifer etc. will NEVER demand or automatically expect sexual energy from you. Once you make sure you know who you’re dealing with, there’s nothing wrong with offering it, but some spirits won’t be too enthusiastic about it. I would advise against giving it right off the bat, and make sure the entity is cool with it and that you’re not wasting your energy on an impostor.

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Thanks, i just wanted to make sure.
And i asked because lately every time after a ritual and when i asked what does he want in return
The same night when im asleep im having sometimes sexual dreams that arouse me, which seemed preety weird to me.
And it happened more than once and every time that it happened it happened the same night after a ritual

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I’m curious - did you offering anything else first?

Yes every ritual from insnce to blood


Yup , I hear it’s quite possible .