Sexual Activity and Magick

I was wondering if you engaged in any sexual activity before you invoke or evoking a demon would the ritual be ruined or not. Saying like if you did any sexual Activity and then an hour later you perform a magick ritual would any sexual activity have an effect on the magick ritual by not making the magickal ritual to work no matter what. I was curious…

Quite the opposite in my experience before and during ritual can not only help with TG Trance but has a number of other beneficial aspects Especially depending on the Entities your working with and if they are Sexual in nature

I have found that the energy associated with sexual release can be a fantastic way to charge a ritual. Usually if I plan to use the sexual energy I will set up the ritual space then project the energy into the space a good hour before the set time for the ritual, or after the ritual as a way to send that energy towards the completion of my goal.

Though like Azrael said it would depend on the entity, the working, and how comfortable you are with the idea of mingling your sexual energy with the entity/ritual.

Edited for grammar, cause I can English.