Sex with your Holy Guardian Angel has someone ever done it?

someone ever had sex for the Holy Guardian Angel and had a product of that relationship we’re talking half God you half guardian angel?

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Lol.Isn’t that like having sex with yourself as the HGA is your Divine Self.Basically masturbation then eh?

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Yes, I have. He took me out for a nice dinner, then brought me back to his place.
HGA pushed me roughly down to the perfectly made bed. It’s sheets of silk caressing my body. He stood upon his knees, on either side of my hips. His hand came down to my face and stroked my cheek, before he receded it and reached into the drawer next to the bed. He retrieved a condom and bottle of lube. Placing them gently next to my head upon the pillow, he turned his attention now to removing my shirt. HGA leaned down and bit off each button with his teeth. When he had finished, he quickly kissed his way deliciously up my torso, to my left nipple. He bit it, gently at first, then harder until his teeth sank into tender flesh. Blood oozed out of the wound. He lapped it up, then kissed me hard upon my mouth. Using his tongue to invade me and force me to share in the blood he had sucked from my nipple. He then began to undo my pants with more urgency than he had undone my shirt. He roughly ripped them off, then my underwear were torn soon after. I lay there, exposed fully to him. But I was not embarrassed. All I could moan was; Ravage me!
He smiled and produced from his drawer ropes, which he used to tie me down to the four poster bed. With me secure, he went back to his drawer of sex and dug through it. Expecting some grand tool of sexual pleasure, I closed my eyes in anticipation. Suddenly, I felt a heaviness upon my chest. I opened my eyes and looked down. A bible? I looked at HGA questioningly, but his face betrayed no answer. Instead, he flipped around until he found the page he wanted.
“EXODUS 22:18,” he announced. "THOU shalt NOT suffer a witch to live!“
He brought hard onto my stomach a small whip, which I had not seen in his hand. I cried out, both out of pain and of pleasure.
“More” I moaned. He took a black candle pressing it against the bible laying on my chest. I knew what he had in mind and shook my head in the affirmative, eager for my deserved punishment. He lit the candle and turned it upside down, so that the flame quickly began to melt the wax. This hot, newly melted wax dripped down onto the flesh of my right nipple, which had been previously spared of his teeth. Now the hot of the wax burned it, more screams of ecstasy as he shouted:
” Matthew 25:41 - Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels"
He laughed at my pain, at my pleasure which I so easily derived from the latter. He now brought out his final tool of punishment, beautiful dagger with an edge that desired to drink blood. Around and underneath the bible he made cuts, going deep to draw out my blood, saying:
Romans 13:4 - For he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is the minister of God, a revenger to [execute] wrath upon him that doeth evil.

Finally, he was satisfied that I had been punished.
“Your sins have been washed away through your screams.” He said, sweetly. Then he undid his own pants, and reached for the condom and lube… To be continued?

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Damn Euoi, I didn’t even get foreplay from my HGA…unless you count the candy he used to get me in the van.

What can I say?
I’m a boss ass bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch

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There’s so much wrong with your thinking I don’t even know where to start …

… the human ‘sexual’ act is itself a mere cheap copy of the union with this being.

Done it with several beings, as Poete says: more to it than just getting your cookies.Each time I was given something new, it is after all, a mirror of creation with the orgasm as the big bang.

Wait, isn’t Euoi like 15?

Can I go to jail for reading that?

(This thread is full of lulz)

[quote=“Euoi, post:3, topic:3662”]Yes, I have. He took me out for a nice dinner, then brought me back to his place.
HGA pushed me roughly down to the perfectly made bed. It’s sheets of silk caressing my body…[/quote]

How come I only got electric door mustard?! NO FAIR!!

I have literally no idea what to say on this thread, which is something of a first.

[quote=“Gnosis, post:8, topic:3662”]Wait, isn’t Euoi like 15?

Can I go to jail for reading that?

(This thread is full of lulz)[/quote]

Hi, I’m Chris Hansen with Dateline NBC…why don’t you have a seat over there?

In all seriousness if you read “21st Century Mage” there is a method of contacting your HGA via sexual gnosis. I have not tired it, but it is in there.

[quote=“Orismen, post:10, topic:3662”][quote=“Gnosis, post:8, topic:3662”]Wait, isn’t Euoi like 15?

Can I go to jail for reading that?

(This thread is full of lulz)[/quote]

Hi, I’m Chris Hansen with Dateline NBC…why don’t you have a seat over there?

In all seriousness if you read “21st Century Mage” there is a method of contacting your HGA via sexual gnosis. I have not tired it, but it is in there.[/quote]

Thanks, but I’ll stick with the methods to achieve K & C in Donald Kraig’s ‘Modern Magick’.

I get enough sex with myself every week due to the internet porn anyway.

Maxout, I’m going to do a post soon about evoking your Personal Daemon into external form, ideally a sexually attractive and romantically compelling form (the two things are slightly different but both important) and you don’t have sex with it, it becomes your highest aspiration and stuff. I’ve done this and benefitted from it, and I just need a quiet day to marshall my thoughts and get it typed up properly.

Please bear with me coz I am busy, but this might be of interest to you, and I don’t know about the “HGA” stuff (by that specific definition, anyway) as much as some people, so I can’t help with that.

Under no circumstances can you conceive a child with your Personal Daemon since it’s just a part of you - therefore, the child would be either imaginary, or also a part of yourself.

I just re-read your post history and apologies if the light-hearted banter on your thread was inappropriate, if you have a diagnosis of autism then what most of us nutters are rambling on about may not make sense! :wink:

To me the HGA (higher self) is that part of us that is manifested in the source “all-that-is” portion of existence. For us it is God that reminds us we are the one and only. There is no other. Can you have sex with it? Aren’t you having sex with the source of all that is every single time you unleash your penis or wet your vagina? If you want to experience having a child with it I would sooner ask myself if you yourself are not the result of offspring between the HGA and the human concept, divinity in the idea of physical human reality? Personally I would rather not condemn others to such “fun” but that’s just me :wink:

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Similar to what Lady Eva achieved, sex that produces energetic offspring is possible with an angel or arch angel, but not your guardian/higher self, it would have to be one who is completely separate from you and an individual and known entity on their own.

I only mention this because I am going through a similar experience with an angel that I shall not name, but I most likely wont be posting about it and wont be offering the product of the union for use to the general public. But I am hoping that the product being is able to help the common goal of us magi, allowing us to shape the world in however we see fit. Lady Eva already knows about it, since she is the only one I’ve discussed this with.

tl;dr - I am attempting something similar with an angel (separate entity not guardian), but shall not be discussing it further most likely.

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When you have sex with a spiritual being and produce an offspring that is alive, persistent an tangible to those that are capable of spiritual sight and experience (like Eva has) what really happens on the higher levels of understanding is the union of ideas. Sex is nothing but sharing energy (consciousness/ideas), in our world of physicality it’s all about a hole and a stick moving back and forth but in essence it is all about energy.

The reason I bring it up is because a lot of you think you can interact in this way with a variety of external beings but not with the highest of high, your higher self or HGA. If you want to impregnate your HS or the other way around rest assured you can, for the simple reason that external doesn’t really exist at the end of the day. For those of you that have not perceived the higher self it might be difficult to conceive that everything you experience is by its grace, the physical experience and the family you have, your dreams and hopes but also the demons you manifest into (semi) physical manifestation. All is your HGA guiding you to your true self. Now if you truly understand this and desire an offspring of whatever form believe me you can have as many as you like. Demons, angels, elementals… they are all ideas slowed down into (semi) physical experience to your higher self. It loves nothing more than to work with you on these concepts.

Once again it comes down to perspective, which is a good thing, because perspective can be shifted to suit our needs! Hope this makes some sense :slight_smile:

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I can also state one huge benefit from taking on this endeavor to birth spiritual beings, your second sight ability shoots through the roof. Ive never seen so many entities in my life as I have been seeing these past few weeks… just thought id throw that out there for anyone thinking of attempting this, BUT be warned, it takes a toll on you and having another energetic being growing in you can be just as rigorous as a real/physical pregnancy at times, especially on the emotional level.

That’s an interesting point - my partner for example believes that not only are all spirits primal archetypes in the shared unconscious, that are kind of vivified when we summon them into our lives (and yet they have, in his worldview, no objective reality or person-hood) but also that everyone we meet is a mirror for our internal state, so in a sense he takes the point of view that there is only the One consciousness active in the entire universe, and that it puts on masks and acts out roles through a multiverse in which each point of consciousness is creating its own reality.

From that point of view you could conceive a child with an old boot, and if you gave it enough attention it would be as valid as any demon.

I understand hiw POV and agree with some of it (that at the highest levels we’re emanations of the Source), but I take more of a hard polytheist approach that on our level of existance and several both above and below it, there is a line between real objectively verifiable entities, who exist and have agendas and an existance independent of the observer, and self-created beings who can be very powerful and wise, but are essentially only active with the “reality bubble” of their creator.

The guidance I got to not, y’know, mess with my own HS/PD relates to the fact it’s part of the “Eva” soul, which exists on different levels, but that there is the same spark of life behind it on all those levels.

So in my working model there’s “real” life which has a spark to it that exists outside the cause and effect loop of external observers, and there’s created life, whose causality is the operator creating it: it was that spark of life the father demon brought to my Child (I’m told) which makes him different to an egregore, because his casuality lies outside the constructs of my mind.

But I’m not trying to “convert” anyone else to that way of thinking :slight_smile: - just clarifying the point of view that informed my statemant earlier in this thread - if you feel that you reject my POV, then you’ll be able to derive a different idea about what’s possible, and that’s an important thing to bear in mind.

Eva, I agree that both are valid perspectives. I think the real question is what works for you? As silly as it sounds you can be entirely engrossed in the oneness, the separation of consciousness or in a mixture of the two. Whichever one you align with will then become your perceived reality. I myself love a mixture, no matter what the “great” masters say about oneness and unity being the only truth. I like individuality and the stable idea of consciousness crystallized into an expression that can interact with me on my level of experience, I however also realize there is a level where this does not exists that I can tap into. I think the flaw of most people’s logic is to view levels closer to the source of things more valid than their own pleasure in what they are currently experiencing. I support using what is available to you now to create the perfect perspective of reality for your current situation. If then at some point you tire of separation you can always go Krishna on yourself and embrace the source wholly :slight_smile:

So yes, you could make love to an old boot and create human-boot offspring (boot body with human face?!), but since that doesn’t sound all that exciting at all perhaps a demonic child was indeed the better choice XD I think the important thing is knowing you have the option and that all potential is open to you, what you then choose is entirely up to you (well, the HS seems to influence quite a bit but you get my drift).

I find the story of you and your partner interesting, it’s such a typical example of how two entirely different viewpoints complement each other in a practical situation. Great things happen when people stop looking for like-like and instead just embrace what works.