Sex With Succubi Before Mirror Scrying?

I’ve recently had a dream where leeches were killing people off.In particular i remember a nude woman where they crawled into her everywhere pulled her up to the ceiling upside down then dropped her.I had a private chat with someone saying they could be larvals which got me thinking about what Lady Eva said she saw in my old thread about the entities in the mist pic about them possibly not safe to work with.But the dream was also of a woman showing me what one of my succubi looked like partly in a mirror.Is it possible to have sex with succubi before mirror scrying for better results?I ask because i want to find out before i scry if that can actually help them manifest better and to possibly find out about those entities that might still be around me and how i possibly could have unwittingly attracted them to me.In other words could that built up energy help in the scrying process?

If it helps focus your mind, or motivates you to continue, then yes.

I’ve actually seen a white fog in the mirror before during scrying before.Just wondered if that energy could be used for better scrying.

Well i combined sex magick with mirror scrying and it worked.I started receiving images in my mind and asked my succubi about those entities and got my answers.So i guess i found my own little niche to mirror scrying and now know what to do.