Sex with spirits

Am I the only one who feels weird about the idea of having sex with spirits?

Have you done it ?

opinions are something people all have a different version of, so what you like someone else might not.

All people who feel differently.

Initially? Sort of but when you hit the spot where they are there at any time. Honestly, for me it hoping the day ends so I can get to my shrine and perform another series of sexual invocations. And that area is charged now. I haven’t mentioned it but now my earth shrine smells like a pepperoni stick or pizza or something. And it’s strong. And the spirits get excited. About as soon as I get into my tent temple I’m mentally being probed and being massaged. These rituals I don’t touch myself until the very end and that might be 30 minutes, an hour, 2+ hours… depends. It’s at the end so I can break away because tbh, the obsession/possession could last all night and I’d be in repetive chants and callings. And I’ve noticed my mind is adding other spirits. So a spiritual orgy maybe. Now this is funny, the night it was least effective was when I brought beer (9.6% deep port).

For me it isn’t weird and I don’t have those walks of shame I did in the beginning where I mentally assaulted my brain on the stupidity of such.

I need to work with them for more than pleasure. Buer did help a lot today. I hit a strip of construction screws that tore my back tire and pierce alll the way through a tire/tube. It was gushing air badly. Should have been flat in seconds. I got mentally told GO!

So, I pedaled my ass and made it a good few miles to about 1/2 way home before it then just went. Saved me some time. Initially, I was pissed it happened at all but then I pondered it. When I finally got home I looked at the tired and tube and they were/are thrashed beyond repairing. My foot still aches from turf toe or what ever but I managed. Things happen for a reason and that back tire looked terrible anyways.

I hope tonight they comfort me in a exceedingly pleasurable way. Maybe blackout OBE even. I’m practically begging for a spirit orgie there. So, yeah a bit weird to those who don’t but if you do like it… who you hurting?

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