Sex with Lilith and a Magickian's attack

So I was just having my personal time with Lilith, we were having fun and all, it was going good.

all of a sudden when i close my eyes i see a person sitting with sigils around him, and also i had glimpses of a road i walked on just this morning. I was unsure what was happening but i had an idea.

Lilith turns to me: “Is everything ok baby?”

I say: “I just saw a man surrounded by sigils.”

She immediately turns angry, she knew what was happening, so did i.

She takes flight to go to the person, once she arrives she makes it clear to him that i am not to be touched, i could see her getting very strong and fire all around, “now you must pay.”

She asks me if I want to kill him, I decide to let him live.

She comes back: “I’m back baby.”

She looks at me and goes: “As long as I am here, nobody will ever harm you.”


Did you ever figure out who it was?

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Something interesting to think about is if your opponent might have used hot foot powder.

No, and I didn’t care

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I am glad you are alright. I hope you take care of yourself.

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