Sex spirits question

Hey everyone. What demon or spirit in general can i evoke/invoke/allow to possess me for sex?

Long story short, everytime i have sex with this particular guy I’d like to become possessed or something so that I turn him out. Reason being, I get really shy with him but being around him turns me on. I really want make a good impression if we ever have sex

I’m not sure I’m ready with Lilith (or perhaps someone can give me more information on her?)

Or, should I just do energy work or some sort of spell for this case?

Thanks in advance :wink:


First, does this man know your into magick? Because if you become possessed by entities like Lilith or Naamah you probably won’t be able to hide that from him. :smiling_imp:

Second, depending on his nature it could have the opposite effect, many people can be quite put off about how aggressive those ladies can get at times. But they will most definitely make you feel more confident so. :man_shrugging:

My advice for now is to do a series of divinations with all these things in mind, then go from there. :crystal_ball:


Perhaps look at overcoming your personal shyness around him and becoming friends with him rather than going all out possession.

I can’t believe that anyone even here would ever write this. Interviews, meeting parents, going to a graduation - but having sex? Sex is idiotic, ridiculous, stupid, fun - badly designed, hilarious, squelchy, wobbly - I mean come on it goes against creationism in a huge way we are so badly designed that our excretory ducts / opening are right next to our genitals.


You don’t have to become fully possessed to make yourself more desirable. You don’t have to go that far. You could ask Lilith, Naamah or Azazel to help you improve how you feel about yourself and become more confident. That unatural confidence will show