Sex spell to put on a girl I work with

My wife and I have been talking now for a long time about having a threesome, however finding a third party isn’t always easy. There is this absolutely stunning Vietnamese girl at work and I would love to have her join my wife and I, I showed my wife her picture and she agreed the girl is gorgeous and told me to bring her home, easier said than done. This girl and I have never even spoke.

My question is what spell could I use and how to attract her to me so that the doors can be opened for an additional spell to get her to have a threesome with my wife and I?

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Try Ladilok or Sytry ^^
I don’t know if a candle spell would work.

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Well, first of all, you need to talk to the girl. A spell is not going to get her into your bed with you and your wife unless there is at least a spark of interest for it to grab on to, and you won’t be able to gauge that unless you actually open some communication. If she’s not into that kind of thing, it won’t happen, regardless of the magick.

Why do people always assume that the magick will do all the heavy lifting without them having to actually approach the target?


To answer your question, it’s not that I’m not willing to put the work in and I’m still new and learning thus the reason for the question.

You need to acquire the consciousness of having a threesome first. Begin with something easily acceptable, i.e. just get to know her without attaching to an outcome.


Why put your job in jeopardy for a lay? Why not take your wife out and look for a near by slut to take home? Or better yet ask friends to throw a a party and friends of friends are wonderful. That’s how I was the third party, once.

Both of you get dressed up, look as nice as you can. Have your kinky wife wear a low cut dress with no panties.

Get that sexy energy going between the two of you. Have sex before going out and don’t shower. Let the smell stay on you.

Both of you seduce a chick should be easy work.


Definitely agree with @Purple here…

It’s easier, less risky as things could become one big shit storm at work with the co-worker if something goes south…

However if it is a kind of fetish that it has to be a Vietnamese girl the web is full of helpful resources to get around such.
I’m sure a Google search can point you guys in the right direction…

Otherwise if that doesn’t matter the advice above should be the best.

Best of luck to you and your wife in your efforts.


I agree with @Purple

Also…think about it…do you really want someone that you have to use a spell on?

I’m not even asking that as a moral question (although it could be asked that way…but this is LHP so I guess those lines get blurred at times.) I’m actually asking it as a “something to think about.” I’ve never quite understood why people use those kinds of spells. It has always seemed unnecessary to me. If you have to use a spell to get someone with you…to me that doesn’t seem real…they are doing it under the influence of a spell…not because they truly want to be with you.

These are just my thoughts…not a “right” or “wrong” just something to think about.


Phoenix2108 if your wife and yourself are serious about a threesome then try visiting a swingers club. Heck there are even forums on Reddit for that kind of thing. However, you don’t want to waste time corresponding with a potential candidate online to later discover that you been catfished, so a swingers club your best option as you get to meet a flesh and blood individual face to face.

NOTE - You can still do Magick, Sorcery, Witchcraft to pull a female sexual partner at a swingers club and in fact it should manifest even easier in that environment; as a swingers club the right location to find a female whom would be receptive to MFF sexual experiences.

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