Sex magik

What is? And how it Works?

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Can be anything you want it to be - so long as it’s meaningful and works for you. :slight_smile:

Tantra offers some possibilities, and there are some acts of western sex-magick that stimulate various nerve channels that conventional vanilla sex won’t always affect (anal penetration, including by a female fisting a male, can operate the subtle channels linked to the vagus nerve), and the use of orgasm in energy-exchange is a whole topic in itself.

Me and my partner like the book Carnal Alchemy by Stephen & Crystal Flowers, about BDSM & sex magick - “… the use of the methods of dominant and submissive sexuality for purposes of self-transformation, sorcery, or other forms of magic.”

They go beyond D/s to describe the use of pain in magick but I can’t really do it justice here without copy-typing huge chunks of the text.

Highly recommended if you’re even slightly interested in BDSM - the element of ritualism, of minor or complete role-playing, and shifting power (from one person to the other, and in this case making one person effectively into the Operator, whilst the other becomes the universe upon which they enact their will) contains an innate ritualism that means the juxtaposition of magickal intent doesn’t take away from the focus or intensity of the sexual act.

If you just want to hump like bunnies, probably trying to bolt on magick won’t work, but if your sex life sometimes contains altered states of mind in which one partner becomes the embodiment of power both in their own mind, and also over that of their (polarity) partner, and that partner can willingly enter a state of complete submission and sublimation of the self, then these are things that are also present in many 2-person magickal endeavours.

So that’s my modest proposal for why BDSM and sex magick go well together, there are some other books about this we haven’t read yet but I found them on a booklist online, so I’m including them for reference:

Sacred Kink: The Eightfold Paths of BDSM and Beyond
by Lee Harrington
Mystic Productions Press and
ISBN 978-0-557-21176-0

Spirit of Desire: Personal Explorations of Sacred Kink
Edited by Lee Harrington
Mystic Productions Press and
ISBN 978-0-557-99241-6

Dark Moon Rising: Pagan BDSM and The Ordeal Path
Compiled by Raven Kaldera
Asphodel Press
ISBN 978-1-84728-892-9

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I think we need a thread dedicated to books…Why to spend time searching for good texts-books by our own?There are treasures out there and i’m sure each one of us has something to point out…


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Also you can check ‘‘Sex Sorcery and Spirit’’ by Jason MIller and ‘‘Adventures in Sex Magic’’ by Damon Brand.

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[quote=“Finiz, post:1, topic:5056”]What is? And how it Works?

Thanks to everyone[/quote]

This one is almost impossible to define. It can me an act done between two people, especially as they climax together and focus on their intended goal. Or you could just be masturbating thinking of what you want. Almost any ritual can have sex magic added to it for extra oomph, like making poppets/voodoo dolls.