Sex Magick Conjuration - Styles - Creation of Profiles

Hi E.A.,

I’m interested in Sex Magick for sexual purposes (an obvious one), as well as Spiritual Purposes. It is my personal belief that the spiritual should be grounded in the Physical and that regular sex should be magickal, and yet it should somehow influence other aspects of ones lifestyle.

Currently I’ve gotten into creating Tulpas for such purposes. I like to create “Spirit Profiles” and work with the Goetia, which is a slow process… due to my first experience being… overwhelming as I did not know what I was doing. To put a story short I invited a whole bunch of other influences and the influence behind me initiating incoming influences was due to being “possessed” by a consciousness which influenced my actions. Anyway, I’m looking to fix a bunch of things now that I have a new level of knowledge, so that I may embark and the PROPER FOUNDATION being layed for my original intent. Certain parties that became involved thought that I was veering off from my original intent, but far from the truth and more backwards, that I was actually trying to find my original intent across Space-Time/Dimensions (kind of like shamanick voyaging to find ones Lost Soul peice or another incarnation or something).

Anyway, on to my real Question. I am interested in Sex Magick involving entities and its just an aspect of my own Holy Grail Quest. Being into the Goetia, it is hard to find information on the Goetia when it comes to SEX…in fact its hard to find information on them period. If you read through all the Grimoires… talk to a number of Satanists and Luciferians… everyone will usually swear on the Personality of any Demon. Then Christian Satanists/Luciferians will likewise have their biblical grimoiric personality versions of every demon and its capabilities.

Now one may wonder where I am going with this. The thing is is I do not necessarily believe things are set in stone for spirits and their background. When I look at what some call “The Matrix,” all I see is a vast source of information and energy weaving togethor different life-forms (To me they are like Tulpas). From my perspective a demon can exist within many spheres… it can exist within the Biblical Matrix… or some other “strange energy” matrix… or it can interact with both.

In a nutshell, whether it be Runes, or Goetia… I perceive it as a certain type of Source Energy and Aspect of the Mind, although at my present skill level I am not entirely able to delve too deep to get more accurate information, I just have but a few tools that allow me to take a peek at it. So my interest is in Evoking said Spirits within their “Sexual Form,” as a Female Spirit to create Female Spirit Profiles for the Goetia, to where my “Shaman Mask” is me (not just face, but entire physical body) being their other physical half.

My question regarding this is with your present knowledge what is your take on all the 72 Goetia and their Sexual Personality styles? I’ve evoked some and have some idea as far as their base energy, however I’d like to hear someone elses perspective to Mirror such information and thought it’d open my eyes a little bit. For example, my current favorite Spirits are Belial and Bune… however, in meditation and experience I had also forgotten that I also had a spiritual relationship with Beleth but never got deep into it. So I am interested in a Comparison essentially of all Sexual Styles of Say the Queens vs Duchesses, etc. or Beliala vs Beleth, etc.

FYI, in my evokation and pacts of upcoming spirits I plan to completely DROP all energy related and tied to any BIBLICAL UNDERSTANDING (illuminati…fyi illuminati is nothing more than big-business religious cults…a pyramid scheme) and evoke said Spirits only from a Pure Source, with the influence of my own specific profiles so I can have my own authentic experience not influenced by religious dogma polluting the Mind/Energy of said spirit (i.e. Belial being called Beliar… however I found out that Belial is actually a MIRROR of the individual… this is part of my experience of these spirits effecting people around me).

From a mundane perspective, I also likewise want to draw certain women into my life so I can experience the Sexual variety I deeply crave as the Path of Pleasure is part of my dharma. I’m looking at these more as a long term relationship (Hyper-Sigil), where I am embodying my Desire in said Daemonic Archangel… and then unleashing it upon myself/my world to where I may experience being completely consumed by my desire (safely of course).

I’ve already created a Shaman Mask (Tulku) for myself. Just interested in your unbiased perspective regarding specifically the Sexuallity of Said Daemonic Women’s Personality styles =)