Sex Magic in Long Term Relationships

Hello all,

I would like hear from those who have a long term physical partner and regularly practice sex magic together. Share with us your practice. Share with us the results.

If you don’t have a long term physical partner but have a long term spirit mate please also feel free to share your experiences.

Looking forward to learning from you,


I do it all the time yet they don’t always know.

I imagine a sigil glowing on her ass as I’m slapping tail. I also see it surging with energy in my mind’s eye upon orgasm. Works really well.

I connect very deeply with my partners and the best nights feel like our spirits are swirling around with each other intimately around our bodies as we watch ourselves get lost in the moment together. It’s beautiful and I get to go there with multiple women because all our relationships are open. It truly is “free love” and it’s great.

Oh, I did “plane shift” once through simultaneous release with my top MLTR. We were on acid and felt the universe shift inside out and ripple through the deepest fabric of our being. I also made love on DMT and that was …the deepest intimacy I’ve ever had despite having a rejection soon after being seen that deeply. Hurt in a huge way yet also showed me it’s alright to go that deep with people because you find out if they have bad taste or not (Thanks Azazel!)

I’ve been wanting to do a deliberate sex magick manifestation with one soon yet most are only passively interested in magick. Most like spirituality yet don’t know I work with spirits… Even though many have been fucked senseless by several through me.

I’ll update as I go. I’ve been eager to do more with it and I think I’ll have an opportunity soon to get them involved. Upside down sex magick sounds great (yin to the yang, one annihilates desire and the other calls for it at the same time. Powerful)

Will share more soon!



I have a similar practice. Thank you for your response.

Put simply I have my “True Woman” archetype… my personal deamon… whom I create, feed, charge, etc… and who can I can project onto whomever I wish.

My “magical goal” is for my fiance and my personal deamon to merge completely.

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I’ve done that since I was 13 haha, didn’t think anyone else did. The energy of them always feels the same yet looks different. She shows up in different women all the time yet it’s usually just an aspect of her.

I think I realized “she” is a collage of all my “soulfriend” level relationships melded into one energy. (I don’t believe in one soulmate, love messiah for one person.)


Sex magick is the best!

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Yes exactly like this wow. I explain it the same way in my journals. They are all melded fractals of the one true woman.

You are the first I’ve heard to explain it exactly like I would.

Very nice!!