Sex Magic by Damon Brand

Hey I was just wondering if anyone uses this book.

I recently bought it, not sure why I was previously a radical celibate proponent as a result of a sex addiction lol.

Anyways I bought the books I don’t have a partner so it’s just masturbation.

I haven’t read the whole book but it mentioned laughter and joy as a side effect of practicing.

Interesting enough this morning I was practicing gratitude during the ritual, it was actually really powerful and amazing, almost life changing.

When I hit the point of no return I said my word/phrase related to manifestation.

After I got in the shower and was listening to old school love songs.

I was just radiating with gratitude and love for myself.

I actually found myself laughing and just overflowing with joy for my existence.

This was extremely unexpected since all the 12 years I’ve masturbated I’ve always felt guilt and shame.
But not anymore, pretty powerful.

The joy and laughter reminded me of when I used to have sex with a soulmate, I felt at peace and radiated joy and gratitude.

Up until this point I wasn’t making love to myself, thanks to this book I can experience joy and gratitude during ritual.

I’m looking forward to more rituals, especially once I get into a relationship with a soulmate again.


I use this method and don’t see why I would ever stop. If I’m going to masturbate or have sex anyways, why wouldn’t I make it magickal, which also improves the experience itself anyways?

I personally phrase requests as questions, like in another of their books, although I do sometimes use the method in this book for phrasing. I also create sigils that are not completely abstract magick doodles but are symbolic representations of the power being made active. I do not struggle with knowing my intention in the ritual, quite the opposite, and so prefer using symbols that are simple in their appearance yet convey the meaning the sigil is being fired for, which is sometimes very abstract or complex, but still distillable into a relatively simple image.

I personally believe this is one of the most effective magickal methods if you learn how to use it well, and along with this extreme efficacy comes a lovely energy which can pervade your life if you let it do so. So not only does it make you effective at getting what you want, it helps you feel happiness and satisfaction, while also unlocking some of the most outrageous psychic abilities I have ever discovered. Get a room full of Enochian practitioners together and you’re in for an interesting time, especially if you are used to being around not only muggles, but extremely ignorant and unaware muggles at that.


Are you saying I should have an enochian orgy haha


I tried firing a couple of sigils like that long ago but nothing happened.

I used the method in the Master Works of Chaos Magick book, which is probably the same as the one in the Sex Magick book.

In fact, now that I think of it, I recently stopped using orgasms to fire my sigils and any other magick.

I’d never do it with another person though. They may have a different concept or idea of the desire to manifest, and it could be conflicting. I prefer to go solo and not involve anyone in my practice.

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You mean “Adventures in Sex Magic”? I don’t know if it’s the same book, but it’s also by Damon Brand. It’s a very interesting guide. There shouldn’ t shame or guilt in masturbation, it is a very useful practice for magical work, as much as sex work with another person. I never understood why there is this kind of taboo, sexual energy is very powerful and should be harnessed to our advantage.


Yes lol

Previously I was working under the brahmacharya or celibacy theory, to use sex energy aka semen a man must retain his seed.

It was very powerful the year that I did it, but I find myself failing to get past a few weeks.

I don’t like porn anymore, I’d prefer to use muses, real women who are beautiful (even if they’re still clothed).