Sex in dream causes bad luck?

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I’m new here, I’m Alex, I will like to share my issue with you all,. Also I’m new to everything here, I hope I will able to get my problem solve here ( hopefully) for about 6 years, I have been experiencing sex in dream, I initially Thought it was normal, or maybe because Lack of physical sex as I was single then, but as time goes by, I discovered I usually have to this sex In dream when I’m expecting Something good, I mean expecting financial breakthrough, or something tangible, but most times, when I’m about to get money. I will have sex in dream with any of my female friends or any lady I know in physical life and wake up seeing semen in my body. I wouldn’t able to get the money the following day, an argument will get in and I will end up losing it, I have been in this battle this for years, I done a some spiritual cleansing and banishing with some Africa black magick, because I’m African, but no way still, I only experience little changes, it stop for a while and then start again, I’m still Losing deals, I haven’t able to move forward in life, music career has been on hold, I’m up and coming artist, yes an artist. Someone said it could be curse/hex from my past life or family.Or maybe I had sex with someone who has Lilith energy that lead to Succubus, That was the first time I heard about Lilith and succubis, I study about her on net. I try to do the invocation as what I have study in the net. I think she come during the summon I don’t know for sure. But I had some sensational vibes during the ritual. but I haven’t able to solve this issue. I did the invocation twice and I stop because I don’t have a guide, And also I don’t know anything about how to summon a demon and it very dangerous for me.
The most painful part is Whenever a local witch ( in Africa we call them native doctor ) work on a spell for me, then this entity will come to me the following night to had sex with me and immediately the spell will stop working, I wouldn’t able to get a result from it. What can I do to stop this, I don’t know how it came
About, I don’t write letter of intent, I want to stop it. I want my business to flourish. I want move my career forward. Someone advise me to get a girlfriend and I did, and i girl got my girl pregnant now and I still Have sex in dream, and it usually happen when I’m expecting money or working on a project, The whole thing is,This is my thought. this entity is against my progress. How do I fix this ? Who will help ? How do I go about it. And I usually see my Late friend dream and my former boss who Is dead also, is the issue really from my past life? Did I have a connection with the dead ? Please help. Thank you all.


I think you might have a succubus or a parasite masquerading as a succubus, what are your beliefs? What do you practice? Voodoo?

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I don’t have a particular belief, I was born into a Christian sometimes goes to church and that it is. And I have prayed over it but no way out still. I decided to look another way round. I just want to get rid of this and be free. Thanks

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Meanwhile I’m not sure but of course it’s only MY point of view that a ritual would be of much help
It could be a curse or whatever, the fact is that you need to work on your lucidity while dreaming to avoid repeating the same patern again and again and loosing some important/vital energy to absolutely nothing

Therefore working on having a lucid dream to control what you’re doing and agreeing on would be the best in my opinion, by doing that you’ll be able to stop feeding whatever you’re feeding and it’ll grow weaker over time and aventually you’ll be able to banish it easily if it’s not gone by itself already.

In resume : First step : Lucid dreaming

Thank you so much for this, but I don’t how and where to begins.

I’d say it takes only little time to being able to lucid dream.

To be more precise it takes the time of forging a new habit.
I’ll explain : the one that I like is when I watch my hand and stop thinking & ask myself : AM I DREAMING ? then I think about how did I came here and a lot of things that affirm that I am in fact not dreaming.

If you do this thing multiples times a day and make it a habit eventually you’ll do it while dreaming and THAT’S when you start being lucid about your dream

There’s a lot of free info on YT about lucid dreaming, you’ll find plenty of tips for free that work.(On YT or even the net in general)
With a little work you’ll be able to lucid dreaming in no time !