Sex Demons/Angels

I’m curious and wanna work with sexual spirits in order to enchance my power, confidence, and stamina in the bed. But I don’t want my gf to feel I’m cheating on her and in the end it’s really so we can improve our sex. I can’t have sex with her all the time and we aren’t sex experts so that’s what lead me to this idea. I’ve also heard demons will want to be with you when you have sex with others or be jealous but I don’t want this to be the case. What I really need is a sex mentor in spiritual form who can teach me how to fuck effectively without my gf having to get involved. If anyone had ideas if greatly appreciate it.

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Ok, what’s your issues? Have you talked to your gf about this and asked her opinion? Just saying because the length of sex might be good for her and you might be fine. When you talk about stamina are you just talking the length of time before you pop or is it more you get too tired and out of breath? I would probably suggest saying to her “let’s try this and see what that’s like” and try stuff with her. Not all things work well for all women. Watch her response. Listen to her. Her leg might twitch when something is really good or she is getting close.

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No it’s more about the length of sex and my ability to withhold ejaculation. I’m not a fan of the stop, go, stop, go method. I don’t have a probably making her cum my stroke game is good. But my stroke game is good lmao. It’s a double edge sword cuss I wanna be able to fuck her life that longer but I usually give out before I feel satisfied with the length of time. I also like fucking aggressively which doesn’t really bode well for men and stamina, I feel I’ve gotten really good at the slow methods but this isn’t nearly as pleasurable for me so I wanna incorporate aspects we both like. This is why I was thinking demons cuss from what I’ve read they’re fucking WILD when it comes to sex so I feel like this would help my sexual energy and stamina. I haven’t mentioned it to my gf cuss I’m still considering it.

Ok there are things you can do which are fairly simple. But take it from someone who knows, having to go for 90 minutes before you orgasm isn’t as much fun as it sounds. I used to wish I could go longer when I could already go for half an hour. But if you are really wanting to go longer, try using condoms to reduce sensation or there is desensitising spray. Or masturbating before you see her is another simple way to go longer.

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Yeah that doesn’t sound fun, but I was thinking more tantric style. Guy’s can suppress ejaculation while still orgasming.

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Keep in mind that prolonged penetrative sex can become painful for a woman after a certain point. How would you feel with 150-200 lbs thrusting and slamming into your pelvis and cervix for 60-90 minutes?

Suppressing the urge to ejaculate, and having a full body orgasm is relatively easy to accomplish if you are practiced with basic energy circulation. You could probably learn it in a month or two from a couple of books by Mantak Chia.

However, I think you might be better served by learning the techniques of sex magick, where you can harness the ability to mix your energy with that of your partner and circulate it through both your bodies in never ending bliss. This practice can turn your lovemaking into an hours long marathon because you can lose yourself in the pleasure of each other, without the necessity for prolonged, aggressive, and possibly painful, thrusting.


Really? I didn’t know that, as I been practing sex magic for over two and half years now with my dark goddess Lilith, to help raise my sexual stamia, unlocking my sexual desire, and increase my sex drive.