Several Basic Magickal Group Working (Love, Curses, Healing)


Come to the discord group pup


Still want more people on curse and healing group workings ~


Since I can’t PM you here

“Since a lot wants to do it
group meditation on 11-11-18
11:11 am or 11:11 pm EST?
@Pacewalk hbu?
Also @Maulbeere can you lead the meditation :3”



Ah, my discord wasn’t up, sorry.
I would say 11:11am is the cusp. It’ll be fine all day, actually all month and beyond. remembering that you can astral travel to join in spirit any time, including in advance.

We can go ahead and meditate individually


Basically, the meditation goes like this:

  1. Do whatever you do to get into a light meditative state. If you use a circle, call in the directions etc

  2. Visualise your being expanding, until you are larger than the Earth. So you can look down on the Earths surface

  3. Notice the Earth surface has energy meridians crisscrossing all over it. These are the Earths meridians

  4. Repeat the joy/love excercise from further up this channel ^^^

  5. Holding that feeling of joy, peace and abundance in your heart chakra/center, notice you heart center getting larger and able to hold more

  6. Beam that abundance of happy energy to the Earths grid and notice how it is taken up and flows along the lines, going where it needs to go.
    Know that other people on the planet are connected to the grid and their heart centers are being facilitated to expand with your help

  7. Come back to yourself. Shrink back to normal size, and do your normal closing