Seven Spheres by RO

One of the things his plan calls for is a working about every 4 days, he likes this speed because he says Jupiterian energy is not all integrated and settled into you, instead it is active and working on you as you progress through the lower spheres.

I was going to ask if I could stretch it out to 7 days without messing things up so I could do it on the weekends but that f’s up the timing of days and it f’s up the Planetary days and hours.

Is there anyway around that? Or am I going to need to plan my vacation time carefully at work.

I just kind got into the swing of one project so I am filling extra time with studying up on the RO Seven Sphere thing and having delusions of grandeur. (just kiddin, sort of)

Anyway, there is not way to get around the timing on this ritual, is there?

You can work through the book on whatever schedule you want. The planetary days and hours are generally an integral part of most systems of planetary magick, though, and can’t really be dispensed with.

However, according to Jason Miller, in his book Advanced Planetary Magick, the planetary hour is considered more important than the planetary day, so as long as you can fit the ritual into the necessary hours, you should be fine.


I work with Jupiter every thursday, usually in Jupiter hour in the middle of the day but sometimes during the night. Once a week is ok if you keep steady pace.

Should I consider any Kabbalah type pathworking prior to it? He says it will give me some adjustments. He clearly warns that this means there will be pain/unpleasantness. Would doing some pathworking prior help me maintain some control.
I don’t want to walk into work and tell my boss to f*ck off and die, (actually I do, but not until I got another job lined up)
Or maybe it is better to take the full jolt, whiskey straight,no glass, no ice, right out of the bottle. (I used to drink a lot of beer, so whiskey was always a rude awakening for me when I drank it)

It is more abut economy of ritual. I usually banish space before and make invoking hexagram of Jupiter (you can find it in many places for example “Liber O” in Crowley’s Book IV) And banish everything after. If I have more time, I add some breathworking empowerments. If I am in a hurry that thay I only do Jupiteran work.

Self-control is more improved through excerises of will that pathworkings. But where he wrote about using pathworkings? Please remind me. Also he gives a lot of other stuff to add. Unpleasantness he is writing is more like your actual status quo is gonna to change. When I started it was understanding all faults and flaws I had that produced unwanted situation. For my shattered ego of that time it was real humilation. It can happen that you will need to be assertive toward your boss and find the way to explicate yourself without being rude, but magic only doesn’t make you yelling at people unless there is a jerk inside of you who want to do that.

Magic of spheres is not a possession but self-possession, when you become a master of yourself and recompose yourself and as an effect you recompose your life. Stay more focus on doing things necessary to get new job than to feed all your negative emotions and memories toward your boss.

Good luck with everything, it can be very interesting adventure!

Pathworking was my idea of kind of working my way towards the deep end of the pool. RO made no mention of it that I can recall.
I apologize if my writing was unclear.

I really am feeling this need to step up my game. Damien Echols uses all the angels of the different sephiroth in some of his Cabbalistic Cross, LRP (invoking in this case) work. I assume he also does the Middle Pillar after that, I do. Then I invoke again and sort of see my self breathing in proper colored energy out of whatever tool the angel is holding. So I would see blue energy coming out of a chalice being held by Gabriel. I do kind of a four fold breath thing with that. I really do a 5 in, 7 hold, 9 exhale, and a 2 or 3 wait between the exhale and the inhale. (I sometimes think of it a little bit like snorting coke or taking a bong hit) Anyway, it is like I am inhaling a drug when I do it. I stretch my head forward to get closer to the tool, than bring it back to exhale so I am not blowing “dirty” energy out on the angel.

I have no idea if this is good or not but it is what I do.

Next I do a LVX keyword analysis, and then I do some of the Bardon type Pore breating

I also add Metatron and Sandalphon when I invoke the angels. but I don’t do any odd breathing stuff with them.

Should I also do breathing with them? Should I change something. I have only been at this about 8 or so months and the first few I just sort of went in every direction. So I am the new guy, I am more than happy to take advice. but the above seems to work for me.

(maybe I could banish with the LRP to get the area clear, than invoke before the breathing)