Sets of Elements

OK so I have been looking around trying to see what set of elements makes the most sense.

I just want to know what your understanding of elements is.

I saw a system were it had earth water fire air as the base of it and had the different combinations of them as more advanced or complex forms.

I also know a little about her asian 5 element system.

All of them make sense tbh, although my experience with the elements are as elemental energies fire water earth air being classic elements and Aether/spirit, void, cosmic, death, being nonclassics and they’re all present in different mythologies.

earth water fire air is considered astrology signs. ayuveda use these four elements plus ether for #Ayuveda is india system of natural medicine. 5. They are like the chinese metaphysics using acupuncture of 5 elements fire,earth,metal,water, wood.