Set and Horus are making me go crazy

Hello everyone, i need help for this situation
So recently (like 2 month ago) after leaving Belial i was really tempted to work again with a deity after multiple research and meditation i end up on the egyptian pantheon, then come the moment where i have to choose a deity and this is where the fun begin.
I’ve always been drawn to solar deity but there are also my readings who advice me to go to a chaos deity. So i wanted to try to litteraly ask for which deity would be the most suited for me.
Oh boy

Since this day i always have sign from both Horus and Set, if i got a sign from one you can be sure i’ll see the other one after. When i use divination all i see is reference to that myth where they are fighting for the throne of Egypt (i tried runes, tarot and that method of pouring wax in water) even my dreams echo to this fight.

At first i thought i could work with both but since i mostly got reference of their fight idk if i have to chose one of them instead.
So i wonder if anyone work with both or had experience with something similar

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Set and Horus were not always fighting. Their original mythology had them as good friends, until it was rewritten to suit the purposes of the Osiris cult.

I find the story quite similar to that of Lucifer and Archangel Michael. The Christians claim they are enemies, as it was Michael who cast Lucifer down from Heaven in their mythology, but several magicians on this forum have evoked both of them at the same time without any problems, and said they act more like brothers, so I don’t see why you can’t work with both Set and Horus, unless one of them specifically says no.

And Set is very honourable, in my experience.


They’ve both come to me without any conflict at all (maybe a friendly rivalry).

Very rarely will entities drag us into their beefs if they have any. So don’t worry about it too much


Thank you for your responses, after posting this i took some times to reflect on this and i used divination to talk to both or them instead of having a one to one talk.

Like you said it’s more like that im actually the one who make it look like a conflict since i want to start with one deity and not a group and like @DarkestKnight said their duo seems more like Michael and Lucifer’s relationship so no problem.

In conclusion i end up doing the same thing that i did a while ago when i started with the norse pantheon i asked a deity who would like to introduce me to this pantheon back in time it was Tyr, here it’s Ra since that decision everything is more calm ! And i’ll probably go back to Set and Horus after that

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