Set and Dream Gates

Its 1:58 A.M., and I just woke up after a ritual with My Godform I did Earlier.

I was twisting and turning in sleep while hearing Various names and presences around me and feeling my Godform takeover.

I went Lucid shortly before waking and a ultra distinct image of a Egyptian Man wearing a Jackals head. At the same time, i saw him taking the head off and It struck the shit outta me just how old the Mask’s skin was lol.

You would say its anubis, but it looked like a merger of Set, Baphomet, and Anubis.
Then the picture finally cleared out…it was Set. And Damn he was angry! Then i realized, “oh its just him” lol

He said,
Do not underestimate the power of Dreamgates. Learn to control them and open them. So shall you walk the Gates in between the worlds.

The whole Vibe that I got from him was Underworldly on a whole other scale. Like, bruh. It was no scenery around him but blackness. But I knew i was in the Underworld.

I then opened my eyes and was in my room.

Hail Satan/Set! :metal:

(Interesting thing Is, my dog was whining around this same time which he never ever does. I felt my Godform turn his angry as fuck attention to him and he immediately shut the fuck up. Maybe he sensed the Presences in the house. He always fucking whines right before i conduct rituals)


You’re spot on, that’s just him.

I’d encourage you to listen to him, and act on what he told you. Open the gates wherever they are. They are changing everything.


Thnks @Killswitch I will man

The synchronicity on this…


Try getting into dream magick.

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