Hello Everyone,

First I want to say I have learned so much from this forum and thank you so much for your help! I’ve been working with angels a lot this year and made the decision to purchase Damon Brands servitor magick book just recently. So I’m definitely new to working with servitors. So my question would be what type of situations are these guys best used for? I’ve read that they’re not good for baneful magick because that creates the type of situations where they start running a muck. I’ve also read that they’re not good for any “big jobs” you need done.

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They are good for what you can properly apply them for

I’ve been planning on making one to protect my loved ones and I from any magickal backlash. I’ve been working with angels a lot and they are very good about following through and doing what I ask them too but they have a “get it done at all costs” approach. And as a result I’ve dealt with some backlash from them.

servitors are good for small jobs but as they “learn” they can do bigger jobs but with bigger jobs come more energy and possibly time.


U mean the same servitors can serve you to do bigger jobs as time passes by?




I have a few things to ask abt servitors … could you on me ? Is it okay ?

What about them?

Sorry typo in the previous post. Could I ask u in pm . Could u pm me ?