Servitors for mass fame

Just out of curiosity, I want to know why this isn’t spoke of enough. I know people have mentioned using servitors for gaining recognition or even learning a new talent, I myself included, but why has no one spoke on their ability to bring mass fame fast.

Is it at all possible to build a being THAT powerful?

I know the power of the servitor depends on the amount attention we feed it, but can they be programmed to actually get our music or social media more views?

and can they be programmed in to an object such as a microphone so that whenever we record in to it they beautify our voice so listeners become entranced by the sound frequencies and subconsciously become addicted to it.

No spirit, servitor or not, is going to make you famous overnight. It just doesn’t work that way. All spirits work by shifting circumstances in your favour, and that takes time.

Sure, you can use them to bring attention to yourself but that alone will not bring you fame. If it did, then all the so-called social media “influencers” would be household names, yet they’re pretty much unheard of outside of their limited platforms, no matter what they like to pretend.

Of course they can, Damon Brand describes using a servitor to help his fiction sell better on Amazon, for example. But views on social media alone do not equal fame. You have to be viewed by the right people.

Unlikely. I doubt there would be enough people susceptible to that kind of manipulation to make any kind of real impact. If the music itself isn’t catchy, most people will just tune it out.


I very much doubt large scale fame in a short period could be brought about in this way. Unless maybe if a large number of variables were already lined up and it took just one little tweak somewhere to put you in the limelight.

If you’re wanting to achieve large scale fame with these methods, I feel you would be best to break your goal down into a number of smaller operations and work those. However, this will still almost certainly be a long term endeavour.

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