Servitors, Egregores, Thoughtforms

First off, the BALG forum is now an egregore. It tells me when I have a message. I’m not the first to notice its seeming self-awareness or consciousness.
My question is this: What have you used servitors for, what’s your favorite method of creation, feeding, and training/sending to task? Also have you ever given them free will as an egregore? How do you treat yours, like a slave, like a friend, like an evoked being/angel/demon?
I’m researching for a pet project. Any interesting experiences would be awesome!



I feel with my thought forms, I was recognizing their existence as opposed to feeling like I created them. I feed them through appreciation and acknowledgement.

As for free will or not, I never thought of it any other way…I mean I will give them a task but it is up to them how it is done. These are small tasks though such as make people look upon me with favor and bring good fortune my way.

Nothing that has a possibility to really blow up in my face. I consider them friends more than servants or slaves because they existed before I met them. I just acknowledged they exist.


That’s exactly how I feel about my servitors.

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So y’all don’t ever intentionally make new ones for specific purposes?

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I have yet to mold one like a golem but not to say I wont give it a shot in the future. The ones I have spoken to come with their own previous energies that give them personality.

However, I am relatively new to a consistent magickal practice so I want to do things right and take my time on some elements.

I have heard of servitors wreaking havoc as well so I may create a simple geometric shape and play with that to build to a full bodied servitor.

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Very interesting :thinking:

Yeah, this is the whole “tulpa going rogue” scenario. I’ve never had this problem with my servitors though. Now, they seem to develop their own personalities and have a “mind of their own”, but they never deviate from their core functions/directives and always serve my wishes. As long as I feed them with my

and gratitude there are no problems. Like children, as long as you show them discipline and love, they will develop into the beings they’re supposed to be.


That’s how I’ve looked at it. I reward mine with extra energy when they do their job well. And I program in a self-destruct module just in case, but never had to use that.

How do you connect with servitors to give them tasks? I was told I have some around me which I wasn’t aware of but now I am just wondering how I can use them

The way I understand is that you create servitors. If there are thoughtforms around you that were created by other people, you could use EA Koetting’s blind evocation method. If you’re not familiar with that I can get you up to speed. Just hmu

IDK, I am just going off what I was told. I thought mb I created them without trying to

Could be. Either way there are methods of communicating with spirits you haven’t identified yet, whose names and sigils you don’t know. That’s what I was referring to. I know for certain that we can create thoughtforms without knowing it. So it’s very possible, even likely.
I’ll share with you in PM