Servitors confusion?

I have read a couple of posts on creating servitors. One of the posts mentioned that part of your soul goes into a servitor, so you want to have a way to kill it or a set destruction date so you can get that part of your soul back. That you don’t want to just let the servitor dissipate or it would take that part of your soul too. Which is a little weird since the Chaos folks seem to be saying this is only psychological.

Are servitors psychological or spirit based or are they both?
Depending on the answer to the above.
Can servitors only draw off their creators powers or could a servitor be charged like a talisman?

Depends on the practitioner. I’d say they do occupy a sort of spiritual space, but the mental and spiritual are the same, because both stem from the same technology…Someone else’s opinion will differ.

Whether they dissapate or u dismantle them doesn’t seem to matter. They only take up ur energy if u don’t program into them how they will get their energy (such as fueled by dying squirrels or rainy mornings…They can draw energy from u or be charged depending on what u have available…

servitors are robots basically unless you actively “fragment” your soul and put it into the servitor making them legitimate entities/spirits.

Thoughtform servitors are psychological in a way that theyre made of the imagination consciously or subconsciously, servitor constructs are neither as they are made from energy manipulation.

servitors draw off whatever source their creator programs into them, servitors arent inherently spirit based because they aren’t spirits.


This guy I know put his soul fragment in his dog , and it actually has like a unique personality lol

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Normally in my opinion atleast animals have their own little piece of a collective soul and it develops their own personality, atleast in celtic faith animals that develop a unique personality can go on to become guides, reincarnate, etc.

Though fragmenting your own and putting it into an animal is an interesting experiment to see the development of.

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Definitely , travels with him to different realms , not just astral projection, atleast it if I can remember right

Sounds like a further development of it’s own soul.

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I have a husky , and I always thought they must have a large amount of spiritual force within them like in comparison to smaller breeds if that makes sense , like some wolf lineage and spirit in them , cause they are like little humans in a dogs body

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I am hoping to use the 4 elements and maybe Raphael, Michael, Uriel, and Gabriel. (I have been playing around with invoking during the LRP, so it seems like a natural place for me to start) (on the other hand, they are sort of from a Judeo-Christian back ground and the Christian God has done nothing but ignore me my entire life, so maybe I should leave out the Angels and just run with the elements)

I assume I would just draw in the energy, visualize it around me, and then start pouring it into the sigil. Or should I do put the energy into its house, which will probably be a crystal. OR pump both house and sigil full of energy. I can feed it with moonlight at night and sunlight during the day, to keep it healthy and alive but if it wants the best food it will only get that when it accomplishes its goal. I don’t want it to starve and be too weak to do its job, but it needs to do its job if it wants the best tasting, most nourishing food.

I thought I might write out a mission statement and some operating rules for it. I may even do a mantra for a week or so to jump start it.

I want this to be an ongoing servitor, so should I kill it after a year and start over or is there a way to make it get to a certain level of development and stop.
Also, if I use the elements, will air serve as its intelligence and water as its emotions, etc. etc.

Do servitors feel anything. For instance, if I abuse my servitor can it turn on my like a beaten dog. Or will it just take it and not do anything. (I don’t plan on abusing my servitor, I want it to like me. I am trying to get a feel for what I am creating. It is possible I don’t want to create one at all if it won’t serve its purpose

I am going to see if I can find a checklist somwhere on servitors so I can see what stuff I need.

I mentioned that I wanted to charge my servitor with air, water, earth, fire. I found a video on this by LeeJohnson.
It seems Cabbalists create “elementals” that they charge with Air, Fire, or Water but not Earth.
According to this video, Cabbalists associate Earth with Necromancy or something, so they don’t use it to create elementals.

I do not associate Earth with necromancy. I associate Earth with durability, practicality, long term stuff.

So can I use Earth in my elemental/servitor or should I leave it out.
(I just signed up for his newsletter because he gives me an ebook he wrote on this subject, so maybe they will help clear up the confusion)

A servitor is an artificial spirit. Creation methods and subsequently “composition” of these entities varies. they’ll draw power off of whatever they’re programmed to.

I read a book by Damon Brand about servitors and one by John Kreiter. I also watched some YouTube stuff. Some of it was pretty bad, some of it was useful.
Are there other “experts” in the area I should be reading up on.
Right now I am thinking I am about 90 percent done, I really just need to send energy into its sigil for a few days and it should be good to go.
If there is another authority out there I should be reading up on I can wait for a day or two while I do that research.
I am looking to make a long term, several years at least, servitor, so a few days to get it right is fine with me.

I’ve started reading about servitors, seems like they would be a lot of work and high maintenance.

Maybe, but it seems like feeding them once a week and a few kind words might make them happy. Especially if you allow them to have a little bit of the joy you feel when they do their job.

I honestly don’t know, I have never made one.

Do you think it is better to just visualize the servitor coming out of the sigil, for birthing? Or do you think I should sort have a structure, which could later be his house. Or would that not work?
If I give him a house, can I then just feed the house and the servitor can come back whenever he is not working and be fed
I saw one person who liked to give birth to them out of an egg? Of course that would crack the egg, so then it could not be the house.
Also, a servitor cannot be seen but should it be “baptized”?

I think I got everything else figured out but this part is confusing me.