Servitor VS Spell

while i understand they are just to facades of magick and any one of them are only as powerful as the conjurer themselves. Why choose spell rituals instead of servitors when they can work for you again while casting a spell is just a one off thing? where can we draw the line ? how can we choose ? i am sure there are pros and cons to both.
if a powerful caster can cast a spell so good that it can bring your ex back to you. does it not make more sense if the same caster would send out a servitor to do the same job only that it keeps doing it until you call it off, which could be a long long time intensifying the results ?


I don’t cast spells, though I have studied them. I’m not sure how I can explain what I do other than it is “WILL” within the energy web of existence and sometimes I imbue that will into an energy Orb if it needs some extra power. And yes, they are one shot.

As for the use of a servitor, I create and dissolve them for energy/Astral creation praxis. I only completely create one for use if it is an action that needs to be of use for an extended period. Typically my servitors are within quartz with a limited area of effect. They are stringently formed and given limited parameters so as not to become an Egrigore or Tulpa, yet be self sufficient enough to feed themselves. Essentially it is a smart Orb.

I have worked with using a Servitor as a “spell” that can be called at a moments notice several years ago. I never did much with it though as what I do was always enough. I think I want to pick that back up and see what I can do with it now.

Spell, one shot immediate effect, even if it takes while to actually manifest.
Servitor, higher intensity, longer term, repeatable action.
Right tool for the right job.

As a side note, I would rather create a Servitor for my own ends than summon a spirit to do it for me.


Not really , in the military , some are especially good at medical service , then there are snipers , in other words do what you’re good at , also you have the view that you must use the correct tool for a specific job , you won’t use a drill for what you use a hammer for .

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Servitor takes longer to create…It more than pays u back based on usefulness, but a spell is when u need something NOW


would u like to share the experience ? how did that work out?

wouldnt servitors make more sense in love working where the target is resisting?

If the target is resisting you should cease the working and move on.

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I don’t do spells or servitors, all my workings are directly my own energy. Spells often use a bit of your own to call on an external source, while servitors are your own energy or thoughts (depending on if it’s a thoughtform servitor or a construct servitor) but thoughtform servitors are still your own doing but construct servitors are external to a degree.

servitors and spells both take time, any form of indirect magick/energy work imo takes time.

Yes but why choose one over the other?

Why ?

Spirits can bring you a girl that will make you forget the old one .

My point here is … wouldn’t servitor/s make more sense than one off spell working where you just aren’t meeting the desired goal. It could be a girl or a new car or a new house or your career moves since servitors would be working again and again to bring bring about your desires?

A servitor can be created by means of spell so I don’t really see that large of a difference. Both are sending out something to carry out your will. A servitor is not all that different from a spell. Neither are living beings.


Yup , because the servitors are conscious and can cast several spells , if you can control it .


How to control it ?

Practice controlling it , take baby steps and eventually you’ll be very good

How do u mean "control’’?

Practice making it do various things , baby steps first .

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