Servitor for walkin


A person I know want to leave. He create servitor, but sadly servitor doesn’t listen. He ask servitor to possess him multiple time. He want to use him to walk in. My friend want to incarnate into atlantis era of this world. He does not want to suicide and waste life. He want to give servitor his life, and leave on his own. HE cry everyday that he wakes up. He doesn’t know how to astral project.


Look into this document online:
“Chaos Servitors, a User Guide”


We create servitor, and other magicians say he is real. Walker(name) doesnt listen


peacer sigil
Peacer takes the souls out of the bodies of those who do not want to be in them anymore. If you have a walk-in he can help facilitate the soul exchange. Call on peacer to help you by unbinding you from your body. He is very swift and takes your soul out of your body the day you call on him.


Walker is a spirit who walks in for those who desire it. If there is no option left, he will step up to the plate and agree to walk in.


I see that you changed your post, from archangel to Walker. I learned something new every day here LOL from what I read in the paper a servitor is a separate entity Created for a specific task. It looks like it can be down to an object but I don’t see any reference to merging with it. I’m not sure that would make sense to me since it’s already part of you? Am I on the wrong track here since I’m a newbie?


I accidentally wrote wrong name


No worries, I guess maybe were thinking about two different things. I have never heard of what you’re describing sounds interesting though.


Yes. Archangel sarinha is my money servitor. accidentally got confused in mind