Servitor Evocation [for sex]

Is it possible to evoke a servitor to have sex with ?


Yes, you can create a servitor to have sex with. It’s not exactly a new idea. I suggest you do some reading around the interwebs, like Phil Hine’s article Cacodaemonic Copulations.


Where do I find that article? Thanks for suggesting

…do a Google search for “Phil Hine Cacodaemonic Copulations”

That’s how you can find it. It’s available on the internet, you have to do some research to find it.


Yes, it’s like with succubi and incubi. How the experience is for you depends on a number of factors, such as ability to sense energy tangibly and ability to concentrate.

You can also summon such spirits in the dream state, perhaps in your residence when you have a false awakening and become lucid.

How much you allow the spirit to have its own personality versus what you design the spirit to do or be like is up to you.

You can also combine this with sigil orgasm magick, the classic chaos magick method, to include manifestation in the act.

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