Servitor doesnt fullfil tasks completely, just does halfway results, no exactly that I ordered

Hi everyone, Im having troubles with my golem. I created since time ago. Inicially he works sucessfully, but now he works incompletely. He doesnt fullfil the tasks I assigned him, only gives me aproximated results. I supposed the problem is an insufficent power source, I give it a lot off energy and it doesnt works!. What is the problem?. I ve re-created (boosted) for better obey to me, but it seems he lost his power or something. Before, he pressent to me in gnosis than in dreams. Once time, he pressented to me in my dreams and tried to talk me but I Inever hearded his voice, only I ve seen it moving like trying explain to me very important thing. After the ultimate boost, he doesnt works good. Now, he does not present to me in dreams, does no explain me anything and he does not give signals or evidences of his fullfiled task, I feed him with inciense, gnosis, my blood and my semen, my perfum and some my rage. I consulted tarot and it shows my golem still obeying to me. What is the problem?, Same ,other servitors are acting like this since a few months ago. For example I order something, but they give to me only halfway results, no exactly that I ordered them. What is the problem?. I need you all guys, I dont know what I should to do.

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What your track record with success using this method? Like have you been making servitors for a long time and only now it has become unreliable? Can you share a little bit of how you create them, or point towards a guide that you use? Also, can you give an example of an approximate result?

I’ll give you some possibilities that I can think of

  1. Magick suddenly not working can mean you have harmful energy coming at you. Time for protection.
  2. Maybe they need more time, the approximate results are just movement towards the goal.
  3. If your giving physical offerings try consecrating the offering before presenting it.
  4. Maybe something is blocking the goal making it too difficult for the servitor. If you find and remove the obstacle then it can do its job.
  5. Perhaps it is time to try new techniques for creating the servitor.
  6. I have read that giving blood or semen to servitors can cause trouble, but I haven’t tested it so idk.
  7. If you can do readings, try asking the servitor what the problem is.
  8. You might need to focus more on your daily practice. Meditation, grounding, whatever you do.
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I began with few minor orders, my golem made it sucessfully. Initially I ask him to determinated person write me a text message saying me something that I want to know since so long time. My golem made it possible. I create my golem 7-10-2021 17H56pm. But I did not ordered yet. I let him charge and took him and save in determinated place. Casually one day in 13-10-2021 at 14h20 pm, I ve been reading books about magickal creation and activation of servitors (Demond Brand, Osman Spare, Phil Hine, etc). I decided active it in 13-10-2021 at 14h20, I gave it a name and life mission and did not write it, just gave it order, ussing mental comunication, intense gnosis, all my rage and orgasm. How?, I explain to you, I masturbated and looked the sigil thay I created of my golem, and before orgasm just concentrated very strong and very powerful and had a gnosis . I call my golem, I saw my golem, kneeled before of me, hearing with attention my command. And closed to orgasm I imagined him doing it (my cell receiving whattsap message and saying exactly “these” that I ve wanted to know about these perse). I imagined my golem standing up closed to these person, nd obligated her to text me.Closed to orgasm I concentrated all my rage and visualized some geometrical figure like energyballs entering to my golem and his sigil looked up him lighting so brillant and with my right hand´s fingerpoint filled of all my rage I shouted out: " GO AWAY AND DO IT THAT I ORDERED YOU, BECAUSE I CREATED YOU FOR SERVICE TO ME", I feel my first gnosis. One real gnosis. I ve been drinked some beers before, in due for have some feelings and use them in my ritual (deppresion dont let me feels anything, its terrible). I sang my golems ENN or mantra if you preffer, I sang it, and repited once, and one more time and I feeled like a god, One really god. I did not can thinks in other thing that was not “this order”. I sang and feel like a maniac, I feel the chaos, the really magick, I feel like anything matters, I was only one person in this world and my order is the perfect justice and order. Repently I feeled like stroke, a faint if you preffer. I was not secure but I can say !that" was like feeling tired, very exhausted and feel sleepy. I remember all details, Just splashed with my semen my golems sigil and after, I pricked my finger and droped out my blood, and covered all sigil with my blood. After Gnosis I shouted out in this room: “You are my servitor, You belong to me and we have a oath”. Surely I fainted after this words because I dont remember anything after this. My golem took 20 minutes to accomplish his first mission. In exactly 20 minutes, this person (female), writed to me and trough text message (not whatssap like I ve had in gnosis) said to me that I wanted t know. Not writting exactly same words I ve visualized she will write, not. It was more like “so close thing” result, but it contained words that I wanted to know. Never before I ve used magick, but this powerfull fist experience was enough for me to know and understand MAGICK is real, my golem is real. At 14h40 pm afternoon of thursday 13-10-2021 my golem did my very first order and I was the most happiest magus in all the word. I offered in this precissely time of my perfum mudded in his sigil, inciense and sang “thanks (name of my golem), thanks, thanks, thank you very much, I believe, now”. That was my history. My golem accompanied me since this event. But after one year, I ask something and reppently he doesnt comunicate to me about his over missions. He doesnt appear to me in my dreams, anymore. And I was worried about this. In 20-02-2022 I decided ask him about his behavior, but he doesnt responded. In dreams, only appear one time and he looked like he was trying to explain me something,but he did not can speak to me, he tried to communicate with me like “said it with mime”. I saw him moving his arms and doing mimic movements. But he did not speak. I ask him if some “astral larv” was parasiting him or quit control of me, but he did not gave satisfactory answer. In due that, I decided destroy him and re-created him more powerfull. I destroyied at 21-02-2022 at 02H00 am.And gave him another “life breath” re creating him more powerfull and obbedient. Did I bad thing? what do you thing. Since this event, It took much energy and time to complete his missions. I moddified to take energy of sun/fire/heat. But I feel he is not like my original servitor, very powerfull and obbedient. I comanded a missing in march, I asked him cause an accident to stop a bad person, but it was just like lesser event can not affect this bad person. However I thanked him anyways for his obbedience, It took him 3 month for do it. Since this event all commands I ordered him, took him 3-4 months and are not exactly things like I ordered him, but otherways things. So closed to original order but not exactly. What is my problem?. Someone you guys call help to me?

this popped in my head while I was reading this maybe he evolved since he is a little bit of a older creation, and his power source isn’t the same as it was before. Maybe he is more “alive” and may need more stuff along that. like offering of food and drink? or maybe he became vampiric and needs something along the lines of energy or Psychic vampirism. Or it could be he just ran his course and it is time to retire him, and create a new one?


How could I find out this?

I wouldn’t personally destroy and recreate my servitors. However; I have heard of people doing it this way, and even saying it is best to do so everyday. So I don’t think you did a bad thing. I don’t know what kind of effect this would have since I don’t do it this way.

Also, I think @Angelb1083 idea is pretty solid. I know the book Walking with Magickal Entities by Taylor Elwood talks about the idea of a servitor growing past its original purpose, if you want to learn more.

I think my personal recommendation is to start doing some sort of protection magick and then start looking into how your servitor may have grown. Trust your gut.

Servitor magick is what convinced magick is real as well😊


I think you already know, since you stated that it seems like it doesn’t get power like it used to. So I would try maybe doing a card reading or trying to call it back into your dreams so I could talk to you.


Can you give list of books which you use for servitor /golem creation

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I ve destroyed and re-created my golem 3 times. The last time, was between 18 and 19-oct-2023 3h00 am. But since this date Ive did not seen any result. Anything. My golem, had 3 versions I like name: “1.0”, “2.0”, and “3.0”. The most powerfull version when I began with magick was created with only purpose. This version is that I ve related in this post. I ve been ordering him much things and he heard me because he did all this petitions. but since his version “2.0” I addered two new functions and my golem still works, but no so sucessfully and faster than his version “1.0”. It took his almost 3-4 months for accomplish every order. Since this point He did not talk me anymore, only appears me in dreams. My 1.0 version golem was so powerfull than a friend once time told me,she had a dream about something that she described me like “a demon of red glowing eyes” talkin her in perfect spanish IN HER DREAMS! and telling her exactly that I ordered him to tell her. I prasied him and gave him 3 inciense sticks and song of thanks to him. I feeled like a god, a truly god. That was most incredible thing that Ive never experimented in my life. Since his 2.0 version, I noticed he doesnt works as before, asked him appeared me in dreams and explain to me what was his problem, why he is acting like this. But just I had a dream, I had seen my golem, doing rare movements with his arms and puting him above his head, as he was desesperated cause he can not explain to me propperly. I adviced him if he continues acting like this, I will erase him and rebuild him. He just did not say me anything, anymore. After this event I no erase him inmediatly, I wasted so much time asking in occult forums in web. Some occultist fraters told me probabbly this was caused by energy source issues. He did not had one energy source definited, I feed him with rage, orgasm, blood, perfum, and semen. And for give him thanks for a succesfully work I gave him my burned hair over his sigil, my semen over his sigil, my blood or animal blood over his sigil with mantras and inciense. Since 2.0 version I noticed he takes 3-4 months for do his taks and orders. But if I gave inciense+ animal fresh blood (of meat, chickens or cow liver of my groceries) he was doing all his orders very fast and was looking so powerfull and and trusty. Since his 2.0 version, I commanded if he had a energy source issue, he could feeds every tuesday of my burned nails, my burned hair, and blood mugged over his sigil. I feeded him without forget it every tuesday, I noticed he did bigger tasks for me in version 2.0 because I feeded him with animal blood. But since june 2022 (2.0 version was created in 20-02-2022), he was acting very strange. One afternoon I was very angry with him because I ordered a specifical task and he did not it. I was to hang out, for walk and think about this, I was very angry and frustrated about this. That was very important thing and he was dissobeying me?. WTF is going on? I thinked, after this I decided to return to my apartment, and I feeled like an internal voice inside my head, inside my thinks, just I said in my mind “shut up, Im very angry with you I dont wanna hear any excuses about it” . Inmediatly I feel in my heart a feeling, like “Dont talk, so”, “Just lift up your head and seen by yourself” (exactly that was I feeled in my heart in this momment) and I saw drawn in a house numer a grffity it looks very similiar to my golem sigil (sigil of 1.0 version). Inmediatly I hear in my head “Im still here with you”. But I decided destroy and rebuild him despite this. I feeled very sad by this, very guilty and very sorry about this. I asked other magick chaotes and they told me he probbably was parasited by demons and are acting like him to confussing me and vampirizes me gave them attention and gratefull without works for me. I must to say: In this time I put my golem in my ring that I used to bear in my hand. Also, they told me is dangerous took him in a object that I use in my body, cause he could takes my own energy for feed him. I decided destroy and re created in 19 october-2023 at 2h00 am, in this time I create a golem made it out of clay mixed with my blood and semen. I gave him breath life at 2h00 am in my apartment, I boosted for do 3 task in total and feed him of the fire energy of the sun/ fire/heat and sleep when I takes him in darked places, but since this ultimate version 3.0 I ve had no see anything, he does not appeared me in dreams, he does not talk to me, he does not give to me any feeling, he doesnt do anything I order him. Today is february, one year has passed away. And I ve consulted tarot and runes, they told me my golem still being in existence and still being obedient to me. How could I be secure about this?. All is very strange.

I ve tryied, but he did not answer to me, yet.
Could you help me? or not?. Thanks.

I could try, but I don’t have his details and such and he could just need to be destroyed and rebuilt again. Also, if he isn’t responding to his creator I am not sure if he will respond to me.

If you need, would you write me a private message, I could give you all his information: name, sigil, mantra of invocation and if you like a pic of his clay golem

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Yea we can try it. I’ll message you when i am off of work.

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A lot of thhanks