Serpentine energy aka Belial, Lucifer, etc - Draconian Current

What are some excellent books that can teach me the characteristics of serpentine energy such as that found within the Draconian current?

Draconian Ritual Book from Asenath Mason is probably the best one to understand serpentine energy into the draconian current. However if you want to further your study about inner serpent you will have to study kundalini. You have also Naga Magick: The Wisdom of the Serpent Lords by Denny Sergent in which you learn to summon Naga being within and without, they have a link with the inner serpent so when you work through them you activate serpentine energy and be overwhelmed by it.


Thank you. I’ve already ordered the ritual book, it should be here by tomorrow. I’ll look into the other book and into kundalini. I know Robert Bruce has material about kundalini too.

It did occur to me after I started this thread that if I really want to get to grips with the topic, then gnosis is the way to go, because I don’t think there is a book that can teach me what I need to know - but these books are going to help.

Cheers! :slight_smile: