Serpent of the sacred flame

Serpent Of The Sacred Flame.

So I was meditating and as I always do I entered the TGS. I began perceiving my reality with my spiritual senses, just to keep my senses flowing is there will be no stasis.

I gazed at the flame on the candle and saw the same vision I constantly see. I see it while having sex, I see it just before I sleep and I see it when and wherever.

It’s a fiery eye, part draconic and part serpentine.
I saw this eye rise into the core of the flame I just kept watching it. As my attention was funneled towards it, it began growing in materialisation.

I closed my eyes and looked at the flame with my other senses and started to drop mind.
I saw this eye almost funnel a beam of energetic fire towards my Ajna chakra.

The energy went into my third eye and it felt like it was being adjusted and changed.
It kind of felt like the moving gears and parts in a clock. As the final click was made the beam of energy then pushed into the centre of my brain.
Feeling like a fire was rushing into my neurons and flooding fire into the stems of my brain.

Afterwards a another break through of a energy beam entered the back of the base of my skull.
It connected to my Zeal Chakra and formed a threeway pathway. From the power eye, to the brains centre then into the Zeal Chakra.

As this energy increased in my head two energetic connections began sprouting from the brain. Two energy lines of fire connected to minor energy points in the temples of my head.

This formed like a cross of fire inside my head, next the cross then pushed a secondary line through my chakras to the root.

Now a energetic surge is flowing through the flame, into the ajna chakra, into the brains centre, into the temples of my head, into the Zeal Chakra. Going then down into chakra anchoring into the root chakra.

A critical mass of strange power was increasing within, next a swirling at the top of my head occured. The serpent force roused from my root into the brains centre, all this energy then combined into the the crown chakra.

At this moment the esctasy was amazing, I looked back to the dragons/serpent eye in the flame it then spoke “The Work Begins Magus”.

Then the flame just shook back to normal strange experience.



How has life and practice been after your experience?