Serious results using Spellbooks

So I was having problems with a colleague who portrayed herself as very innocent, friendly and shy, but turned out to be very two-faced, psychotic and rude for no reason, she caused me major inconveniences at work and as I no longer wanted to work with her, I made sure our manager put us on separate shifts, which meant I was earning less money because we both then had fewer hours.

I did the ‘getting someone to leave the workplace,’ pathworking in the ‘Lucifer and the Hidden Demons’ book by Theodore Rose, as well as the ‘Forced Exile’ spell from the ‘Angels of Wrath’ book by Gordon Winterfield and now 4 months later, having forgotten and trying to remember again what I did, this biatch has left my workplace unexpectedly and eventually had her contract terminated for violating workplace rules, I couldn’t be happier!

Let this be the testimony of: just because it’s a spell from a book, that seems too simple to actually be effective in some other’s eyes, it works very very well!


Congratulations! I know what it is like to work in a “toxic workplace”. I recommend that you do a spell to get a higher-paying position and/or receive recognition for your hard work. And another for continued employment.

Stay positive and keep up the good work! Peace.


I’m also enjoying that book.
I would reccommend pathworking methods to anybody struggling with emotional transmutation.

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It’s quite toxic, about 10 people have left the company in the last few months, not including our head office and human resources team. I will definitely look into that, thanks for the advice.

We can’t know which curse worked though, as you used two methods simulteanously.


very true, I’ve had the most success with Rose’s book, and the least success so far, with Winterfield’s book. From my experience and in my opinion, I feel like it was the ‘Lucifer and the Hidden Demons’ book that worked for me.


I loved the way you phrased it. Most people underestimate spells just because they look simple or they felt nothing while casting it.

While in reality the spell may look simple but it may bring amazing results just like the ones you had.

Great work.


You elaborated beautifully upon my initial point.

Energy from spells can be subtle, but they work and in my experience, the demons work fast.

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Nice! Any spell you reccomend for a new better paid job, please?

No. Search this site. Hope that helps.