Sensing natural disasters

Hello family,

I have discovered that I am strongly connected to nature. I felt dead inside before wildfires happened in my country and I felt it twice. Has this happened to anyone here, too?

I’m also trying to figure out how to make this instinct stronger.

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I believe these senses are normal when you have a strong symbiosis with the surrounding nature. Those who live in cities - consiuder that the city life is the most unnatural that there can be for humans - have extreme difficulty perceiving these connections with nature. Humans have become increasingly “mentalized,” leading lives against nature, and preferring an artificial life like that of big cities.

The Ancients were conscious of all this. The ancient Romans, in particular, distinguished nature into two aspects: Natura naturans (the invisible, becoming aspect) and Natura naturata (the tangible manifestation that we see). Every place had its own laws and was governed by the “Genius loci” the guardian of the place.

Animals, especially wild ones, have such a strong connection with nature that they can predict not only natural catastrophes but also more ordinary weather events. In Mediterranean countries, we often say, “If you want to know if a storm is coming, look at the lambs.” Lambs, in fact, can sense the arrival of a storm even two days in advance and behave unusually (they start jumping around and seem electrified :rofl:).

Regarding your question about how to boost this “ability”… stay in contact with nature as much as possible. Spend at least an hour a day in a forest or anywhere away from populated areas and take long walks, breathing deeply. You’ll notice that you’ll be able to “feel” nature more and more.

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I’ve had a few occasions when I’ve just felt very strongly that we’re going to have a reasonable earthquake that day, and then we have one. Im not referring to the extremely small very frequent ones, but the much less common decentlty sized ones. Never had this feeling before any of the really big ones though.
Most of the time, i don’t get this kind of sense before an earthquake. But almost every time I have had it, we’ve had a decently sized one that day.


Thank you for your replies :green_heart:

I have so many things to try and experience!