Sensing energy

Hi am trying to feel and control my energy but don’t no what it’s sapost to feel like.any help or tips would be so awesome.


as far as know everyone feels it differently some feel tingling in the hands, feelings of heat or cold, or some shivers on the body parts where the energy is supposed to be. I know its not much, but its a start.

Read and do this and FEEL for yourself.
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If I focus I get a wave of tingling over my body is that energy?


There are books on how to do just this

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Thank you all for the help

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You can practice over here


If youre just starting, meditation and reading are going to be your foundation. Like cardio, nutrition, and resistance training are for the gym. No getting around it


Could you tell me about my energy ?

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Lol there are entire books on it. For me to explain energy on a post on all levels thats difficult to be done correctly. For me at least. If you want to know, i just gave you 2 books. The pink one i think is less then $10 and can upload it on ur phone or tablet

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Exactly, there you go boy :wink:

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Just been trying to find out what my energy is best for like working with different spirits and find my magik parth

I would research spirits online. Let one reach out to you. In other words, when one sticks out and gives you a sweet tingle in your gut area, thats the one

are these tingles like asmr tingles.

Energies comes in different shades, structures, solidity, colors, emotions, temperatures and even gestures:

Heat And Cold:

According to my experience, when spirits are changing the temperature of their energy from hot to cold is not as exhausting as changing their full manifestations to dark or light. It’s a different form of energy. Less solidity and more fluidity, means an easier transaction of energies. The energy particle moves faster to generate heat, and slower to generate cold. Just like the induction cooker generates heat “as the currents move in the material the molecules in the pot offer resistance to the current and heats up”, the energy of the spirit have similar physics to make us feel heat or cold.

Science and physics are very much applicable to understand spirits and energies.

How do I “know” this? How could I possibly grasp the functionality and the mechanical aspect of energies to explain “heat and cold”? Of course I could be wrong about all of this, but at least it’s based of my ability to comprehend energies on a physical level. Physics is applicable to energies and even magic to some extent, very much dependable on how we perceive it.

The Clairsentience ability makes it possible:

The Clairsentience ability is connected to the ability to sense and feel spirit and energies on a physical and an emotional level. This specific ability is connected to the Crown Chakra in cooperation with Ajna-, Bindu-, and the Talu Chakra. The latter makes it possible to interact with spirits and energies on a physical level.

Sahasrara Chakra = Crown Chakra

A successful opening of the Head Chakras comes with the physical sensation of a slightly “heaviness” on your head, which feels like you’re having a wintercap or a headband there. Some people also have the sensation of invisible hands caressing the hair. These sensations are essential to keep a consistency and balance to the energies, as well as keeping it “flowing” and “streaming”. Any interruption of the flow of energies, could make it unbalanced and “contaminated”.

The Talu Chakra is connected to our nerves, which goes from the back of our head and beneath our first layer of skin and it’s covering our entire body. This makes it possible for us to sense and feel vibrations and inductions of heat and cold and physical touches.

I probably should have made a thread about this, rather than making a post. But this is my take on How To Sense Energies.


I could do it, so why not join me in this lonely field of explaining it through your own comprehension? Because that’s what it is: Explanation through comprehension. Add reliable science and physics with it to make it reasonably verifiable.

It’s easy to recommend books of others experiences, rather than providing our own experience and thoughts of “how”, “what” and “why” things work and act the way it does.

Don’t be reluctant. Share.

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Lmao because I have other stuff I want to do. I used to get more in depth but now that my work place banned the site, i have to type everything out on my phone. Pain in the ass