Sense of power

I used the ritual from Henry Archer book
To get my gf back I tried to summon lelahel and valefar
After doing ritual I felt like one would feel like after having some deep breaths
I did ritual without putting any extra focus I just did like without being so much serious without putting any efforts I just did like we are watching tv simply I just did it
After ritual I felt like as I mentioned earlier and I said to myself my prayer has been heard .


Are you asking a question?

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Yeah like why I felt like that like I have took some deep breaths

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Hard to say. Could be that you weren’t used to that much power you pulled. Could be an entity showed up for the request and you weren’t used to its energy. It could just be that you were nervous and holding your breath just long enough that the body wanted more.

Best guesses I can think of at this point.