Sending your abusers the demage they caused you back to them

Which is the method that worked for you best and fastest for this kind of task?

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If you get more specific, you’ll get better answers. You are not real specific here, so I don’t know if we are talking emotional and verbal abuse, physical abuse, rape or one of the other numerous tops but…

If you really want to make them suffer, spend some time making them feel like they are worthless, no one loves them, no one will ever accept them again, etc etc etc… Here is the technique I’ve used, and it wasn’t for abuse, just for ending someone by their own hands.

I aimed the topic at a different audience, but affecting someone energetically like this, is probably the most effective baneful magic I’ve used, even if I don’t really care to post about baneful works. I feel like we get plenty of those as is.

How to use this method for what I’ve described, should be plenty self explanatory if you read over it and the other replies :slight_smile:


Cursing enemy doesnt work if you see yourself as a victim of their “evil deed” they keep on dwelling on victory of causing you experience trauma…

my advice is to accept your creators role, why it let this happen to you and use phrase “existence is” as your shield, towards they reminding you of your hurtness, while programming your subconcious that what happened to you was allowed by your creator so you can learn from it.

then slave the fuck out of them in every possible way

“father, they dont know what they are doing”

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Ask your favorit deity to empower your auric fields and make your aura to return attacks to their senders.

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I tend not to bother… which doesn’t really answer your question but I feel like fuck it you had too much of my energy to get any more so I just erase the person/s from my existence

They are not my focus. They don’t deserve to be.

I prefer to nullify their effects on me this way

Ignore my comment if it’s not helpful, just thought I’d offer my own perspective on dealing with abusers


I think abusers must pay back. In my case I was abused brutally by sociopathic family members and I want revenge. I heard a lot of stories about people that killed their abusive parents and I admire them but in my case I dont wanna be in jail so I want revenge with magic

Well you do you, whatever works…

Not intending to force my method just my own way of stopping what effects it had on me

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