Sending an entity back


Just wondering how do you send an entity back to who sent it? Is there a simple way of doing it without the need for props?

BTW I don’t intend to try it on the demons/entities that are being sent each night to prevent me from sleeping as I feel that would be playing with fire.


Now I may be wrong but I what I would do is perform a blind evocation and command the entity to leave when he manifested. You could also evoke a more powerful demon to make the demon attacking you go back to the magician who sent him and attack him.


Thank you necromaster. Would evoking a powerful angel do the trick, or does it have to be a demon?


It doesn’t matter as long as it is someone strong enough to send the entity around you packing.


That’s good. If you’ve read about my situation, you’ll get why I’m not exactly keen on demons…


Don’t let one infernal ruin the whole realm for you


Agreed. As has been said so many times before, there are so called Angelic beings and many other’s who are far more malevolent than any infernal or demonic being.


@necromaster and DK,

Over the past several years, I’ve fought with malevolent and sometimes demonic entities in dream state, and have had some sort of training where I was exposed to strong demons in a protective manner (i.e. I recall one time when I was up close with a fairly nasty one, but there was an invisible barrier between us so I wasn’t harmed). Sounds weird but it’s true, I do recall this happening on a few occasions.

There’s been other types of demons and entities that have been coming into my space as well since Christmas (that I know of).

Some of them are worse than an infernal in my opinion.

One of them I think lost most of his humanity (even though he still takes the human form when I see him) and I’ve fought him in dream state several years ago. I couldn’t even behead him with a chainsaw, that’s how strong he was. He still ran, but it was most likely a trap, which I never fell for as I remembered to never chase a demon when they run. He’s still around.

Another type seems to be pure terror in terms of energy, and moves fast like Superman. They always attack me as soon as they spot me.

These two types are worse than the infernal. At least the infernal seems to obey when I tell her to leave.

My biggest concern? The infernal taking physical form temporarily. I saw this happening in multiple visions.

I know there’s a lot I don’t know about these beings, but so far all angelic beings I’ve had contact with in the dream state have been nothing but pleasant and helpful. I remember seeing four on separate occasions, but I’ve only interacted with three.

The last one took me to my personal hell, and told me he would be waiting for me at the bottom. I never made it that far, it was that bad (and it mirrors my waking reality, he was showing me my personal hell in a symbolic way so that I could see the truth). I turned around half-way and walked back out, to find him casually walking by!

I recognised him for who and what he is towards the end of the dream. He has a lovely uplifting, trusting and caring nature. Highly recommended. I have no idea what his name is, and I’ve never felt that was important for me to know. So I just call him Angel.

On another occasion, the same angel helped me quit smoking and showed me which path to take with regards to getting myself free from possession. I’ve only just now, a year on, figured out what he was showing me!

I’ve read somewhere before than demon/angel are just two sides of the same coin, which we see as negative/positive or evil/good within the context of this physical realm. I’m not sure how true that is but it certainly makes sense to me. Higher self/lower self also seems to tie in somewhere for me.

I just need time to recover, build up my confidence and learn what I need to learn before I go anywhere near any demons/negs again. I just don’t trust them.