Send someone psychic a message?

Hello. Iam not very psychic, so I do not know if I’am capable to do this. got a friend that I don’t have the phone number, who is very psychic. Who do I send a message to him? Is there any specific way to do this, focus on his energy and meditate? How would you contact each other if you do not got each others phone number? I don’t have a picture or real name of this person either. Just a memory.

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Ok my friend you came to the right place and the right guy happened to see your post through a happy coincidence. :wink:
Anyhow, here is what you need to do, you go to my void meditation.

This will get you in the theta brainwave frequencies that will allow you to operate functionally as a psychic. From this place when you get to the void begin by visualization of the person in question. Then imagine you are talking to their subconscious mind. Visualize a picture of yourself a cellphone and the sound of ringing. Then imaginable tube connecting your mind to his then push this information through that tube to the person in question.
Then rinse and repeat and they should call you within a few days. It works every time so long as they have your number. Cheers!


Thank you! Very interesting. I will try this later and post here if it worked :slight_smile:

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