Going through some relationship stuff ( woman got terrified of feelings and bolted on me) and I lit a purple candle to Freya , to keep me on her mind etc, as I know if she would reach out and talk to me we can fix things…

I came home from work and just did a thank you to Freya, but then after I sat down a voice in my head said you need to add Semen to the offering…
I was like um… ok…

Is that an acceptable , respectful offering to Freya? I mean I get the blood offering…

Just curious…

thank you as always


Semen contains a lot of energy. Daoist alchemy considers semen to hold within it the male’s life force which is why ejaculation is considered harmful, and its fairly commonly used in witchcraft from all over the world. Freya herself is a goddess of love and fertility so semen is a very appropriate offering for her. Just don’t jerk off on her picture, especially an activated one, that might not be so well received…Then again maybe it would, I never claimed to understand the mind or whims of goddesses


Lol … it was a candle I had lit… Yeah I would have rethought the pic thing lol


Yeah, but someone else might be considering it. A friend did it on a statue of Artemis once. Bad times were had by him. Though perhaps a tad more research would have been appropriate in that case


Yes semen is an acceptable offering. If that’s what your intuition urges you to do. Do it. Don’t second guess yourself

However the means in which you do it is up to your discretion. I would suggest ejaculating somewhere else and focus your thoughts while in climax on having this be an offering to Freyja


Well… i had a thought. Sexual energy. She wants the sexual energy, not just the energy in the semen itself. So you may not have to cum all over her face, but when you do it, definitely send her that energy. Or you could always ask her first and see. Maybe she would like a good load squirted all over her face… anything is possible! (smdh. I can’t believe i just said that!!!)



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i did it so many times in the sigil of Belial,that the sigil is even heavy now lol


ROFL!!!.. :slight_smile:


It was just a voice in my head, I had just sat down from saying a small affirmation over the candle…

Hey, add some semen, out of the blue lol…

I did, I was however focused on the woman I am apart from right now, wish I had more clear thought when I did to make it about Freya fully…

But since it was a glass pillar candle, applied it to the rim ( no pun intended) of the glass and made 3 applications since yesterday…
Not only the voice but it just felt like it was something that needed to be done…

Freya knows full well my level of adoration for her though, so I do not think anything was lost in terms of her not being the full focus.

I appreciate the input thought, it is nice to have a place to ask those types of questions without sounding like a loon lol…
My best to you


Oh no! Semen will definitely offend Artemis/ Diana/ Luna! They are virgin goddesses and they have to do with female mysteries not male mysteries.


This question reminded me of Priapus. Modern “phallus” worshipers offer semen to Priapus. I read somewhere semen could be used for charging sigils but you have to focus only at your goal and you can’t have any thoughts about anyone while working on. Then when you reach the climax you must pour your seed directly over the sigil. I doubt about most of such practices cause it seems to me kinda an excuse for masturbation, but I just learned magick in the old fashioned way. lol


Anytime ! You’re welcome to ask me about anything without sounding like a loon :slight_smile:

If only you knew have of the ideas that run through my head


I know you’ve already gotten a lot of answers to this, and you’ve done what your intuition said…but I wanted to add a few bits about it from a specifically Norse POV.

Freya is the goddess of passion. People tend to say love and war, or sex and war, but it is really any kind of passionate feelings. Battle frenzy and sexual ecstasy are very closely related states (don’t know if you have experienced battle frenzy, I have, it’s kind of creepy how closely related they are). Freya is also a goddess of material things, and the desire for an item is still a very passionate thing.

So, onto semen and Freya in particular. Freya is known to have had many lovers, in addition to her husband Odr, who is out journeying all the time (some scholars theorize that Odr is Odin, as their name is the exact same thing --inn being the male denotation added to Odr, and that Freya, which literally means Lady, is actually Frigg, but I digress, as I often do). In fact, in the Lokasenna, Loki says she’s hornier than the goat that dances on the tree of Yggdrasil. Knowing this, and other myths associated with her, I would say that the sexual energy inherent in genital fluids would totally be an appropriate offering for her, especially since you’re doing his to get a girl back (the realm of sex as opposed to battle or material gain).

Just some mind candy for you.


Okay so any sexual juices / fluids are very potent in energy and power.

Sexual juices hold potent sexual primal raw power, that comes from the raw root chakra it also holds the essence of Kunda.

From my understanding each gender is born with a powerful fluid now the Female has here monthly cycle were she releases menstrual blood.

Of course Menstrual blood can act as a very potent manifestation base that releases a psychic steam that uses energetic pressure to empower and hold spiritual forces in this physical dimension.

The blood also acts as a power source from the ancestry lineage, holding the power of the ancestors.

Menstrual blood also is a power fetish of The Lunar Force parasitically the blood moon.

Now Males however release Semen, The Male semen is very complex it has the power to create life, semen itself holds a huge amount of data, so theoretically that data is a source of unlimited potential / consciousness.

The Semen holds the power of life, creation, a combination of lunar and solar force which gives birth to life, the semen also holds prana the energy source of all life.

Semen has a large amount of energy, it even holds the source of Kunda, it has a complex astral residue but both female menstrual blood and male semen is very potent.

When i really needed a powerful elixir i would combine Red wine, Semen, Menstrual Blood and blood from the finger, including various oils.


While sperm is a good offering to Freya, sperm is also good being applied to Weather Magic to create more storms. Blood and sperm are good for empowering Runes as well. Freya can influence the Weather.


As a trans guy on hrt, I don’t produce menstrual blood or semen, and even though I could get someone else’s, it wouldn’t have that same connection to me. So how does regular blood compare to sexual fluids, when used in magick? Is the latter more potent? Does regular blood carry with it any masculine or feminine energy?


I’ve offered her the energy from masturbation. She didn’t seem to mind.